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cluster bomb intraworkout

What is Redcon1’s Cluster Bomb and How Does it Help?


In today modern era of bodybuilding, the role of the fitness industry is very significant. The fitness industry constantly provides various innovations that can help in the process of body transformation. Also, many of these new formulas tend to offer a broad spectrum of benefits. In the same time, these new products can optimize and speed up the process of building muscle. One of the little known, and greatly undervalued supplement in Redcon1’s supplement lineup is Cluster Bomb.



Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin – What do You need to Know
The main ingredient in Cluster Bomb is Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (HBCD). This ingredient can be easily described as an advanced innovation in carbohydrate technology. This carbohydrate is formed through the breakdown process of the amylopectin using enzymatic treatments into clusters. The second phase of the process is the forming of larger chains by utilizing branching enzymes. Also, HBCD has a lower osmolality concentration and high molecular weight. Most often, HBCD supplements are used as part of intra and post-workout nutrition. This is since Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin can be a significant source of energy for the body. Therefore, this revolutionary supplement is a great option to maintain high energy levels during the recovery process. And this can be beneficial as it can provide energy for the body to go hard for the entire workout.

Benefits of Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin
The HBCD can offer numerous benefits for the average bodybuilder. The first benefit is that the HBCD is gradually degraded and this enables it to be absorbed in the bloodstream. This is beneficial as it can maintain a stable level of blood sugar.
This process occurs when HBCD is supplying a steady level of crabs in the body. Therefore, this directly helps to keep both the blood sugar and the insulin levels at normal levels. Compared to the maltodextrin, the HBCD ingredient is a superior formula.

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Another notable benefit is that it is highly soluble for better absorption.
Combined with that, HBCD is considered a far superior type of carbs when compared to dextrose. This is because it can provide a significantly higher increase in energy levels without affecting the insulin levels.

Also, it is important to emphasize that HBCD can also improve the recovery process. And this is beneficial as it can provide a solid platform for further muscle growth.
In this regard, HBCD can also increase the strength levels and improve muscle while helping you to lose fat.

According to a research study, the HBCD can prevent certain gastrointestinal disorders like belching or flatulence and they were able to exercise without any discomfort or fatigue. In the same time, HBCD can optimize the stamina and endurance and can decrease the delayed muscle soreness.

The Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin and the Fat Loss
One of the big challenges that many bodybuilders and athletes face is the process of losing fat. Also, this represents a challenging topic and there are many different views on effect on the carbs.  From one side, it is important to consume carbohydrates to provide the body with energy. However, on some occasions, the carbs can also result in certain fat gains. Therefore, many personal trainers have advocated a proper balance in consuming carbs. Yet, in today fast-paced lifestyle, this is a little bit hard to control, to say the least. And that is where the Cluster Bomb comes into the picture. The HBCD in Cluster Bomb can optimize the cyclic dextrin to pass through the stomach. The cyclic dextrin allows you to increase carbohydrate consumption. But without the need to consume starchy carbohydrates. This process is extremely important as it can decrease the potential negative impact of the high carb presence in the system.

Additionally, the HBCD is digested quick but the slower absorption enables the bodybuilders to have a steady energy source during the workout. Therefore, the result of this is a significant impact on the fat loss process. To be more specific, the HBCD can provide a steady supply of essential carbohydrates. But the fast digestion and slower absorption can prevent the body to develop fat tissues. In other words, HBCD can be a great source for energy but without the potential negative effect of the carbs such as absorbing fat tissue.

Who can Use HBCD
The Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin can be beneficial for everyone that aims to develop a lean body physique. Moreover, the HBCD can be used by weightlifters that need to improve their endurance and recovery. Especially for those bodybuilders that do intense workouts, HBCD can speed up the recovery process. Also, when HBCD is taken during the training session, it can help to increase your overall performance and reduce your perception of your effort.

The Bottom Line
Cluster Bomb represents one of the most exciting innovations of the fitness industry. Some intensive workouts can be challenging for many bodybuilders and athletes. That is where Cluster Bomb comes into the fitness mosaic. It can give you an additional strength level and power that will enable you to go through your training session. Additionally, quick absorption can also optimize your overall gains and prompt muscle growth. Therefore, it is safe to say that the ingredients in Cluster Bomb represents the most effective carb option. It enables a steady energy supply during the exercise and a recovery on the fast track. 

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