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Utilizing Exogenous Insulin

Utilizing Exogenous Insulin

This is always a hot topic, and one that is often lusteronfused , largely Due to misinformation put across on forums and from rumours spread across the gym floor.

In this piece I will talk about what I do. As being from the UK, possession and use of exogenous insulin , is legal, however this may not be the case in your country , so be very aware of the rules and make your decisions wisely.

On my members site I have over an hours worth of video footage , across 3 videos that covers my thoughts as a whole about insulin use- it’s one that I chop and change frequently , if I like it or not. That’s not down to its effectiveness, that is not in dispute, insulins anti catabolic actions, which Impact on our nitrogen balance and rates of protein synthesis is powerful. My potential dislike stems from its misuse and how this ruins physiques.

So what I often see is people go straight in at 20iu of insulin at the workout perimeter, be it pre or post- following some of the online protocols. Now to cover those insulin totals, it will take 150-200g to stop from going hypo. If previously that persons carb intake was 50g for their post workout meal or infra workout shake , we are now up 150g carbs, or 600 cals. If this is done both pre and post workout , we are now up 1200 cals. That is a big step up and a sure fire way to ensure you get fat, quickly. A much wiser approach would be to take an insulin dose appropriate to your current carbohydrate intake. For example

If currently use 50g cluster bomb intra workout , it would make sense to not alter that, and simply utilize 5iu of humalog. The insulin will allow for a step forward In progress, without then crazy fat gains. And then as you need to increase your caloric intake , you can then potentially increase your insulin dose in sync.

Remember to maximise protein synthesis, we do need complete proteins , so be sure that an hour pre training you have had some complete proteins, be it a solid meal of chicken/ turkey/ egg whites ( i advise avoiding fats here) or you can use a protein powder like isotope. During training, it’s important to take in electrolytes and amino acids alongside the carbohydrates of choice. The literature on intra workout nutrition is clear that electrolytes are important for absorption / uptake of carbs during training , so using breach alongside cluster bomb is essential.

Post workout again it is important to combine a complete protein with whatever your carb choice is, keeping this low fat again is wise, as the goal here is to maximise insulins effects. So if trying to ensure max endogenous insulin release, avoiding fats will result in blood sugar levels rising higher and faster and resulting release of insulin to be higher. If we are using endogenous insulin, aside from a small amount of fats from a source like salmon, which will positively impact on protein synthesis due to the essential fatty acids, it’s wise to again not slow the digestion and absorption of the carbohydrates we take at this meal.

Remember to be very smart and methodical with insulin use, it is a powerful and effective tool, but more is not better!