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The Weekly Debriefing- November 3



Checkout the pilot episode of The Weekly Debriefing. A new weekly show presented by Redcon1 helping everyone get caught up on the latest headlines from inside the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Hosted by Rudy Leandri, Luke Lazenby, and Dave Copel, these three Redcon1 staffers bring you laughs, information, and iron brotherhood you'll want to tune in for each week. On today's show, check out the latest product to hit the shelves from Redcon1 - Med+Pak (Med+Kit), an update on the Readiness Riot set to hit The Singerman Estate this month, and who is the latest major IFBB Pro to join forces with the Camel Crew? Fine all this and more on The Weekly Debriefing with new episodes out Friday's on Redcon1.com