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The True Meaning of the Highest State of Readiness

Success, results, and achievement; things we all aim for and things that we do our best to wholeheartedly emulate in what we stand for here at RedCon1. We do our best to strive every day to motivate and provide our customers with the best tools to be at the Highest State of Readiness in whatever they set out to do and achieve their fitness goals. But right now I want to talk about something deeper than bodybuilding. I want to talk about success and what it truly means to be at the Highest State of Readiness. I want to talk about hard work and putting a new definition to the word ambition; about pushing yourself so far past what you thought were your limits that you break straight through whatever barriers stand in front of you and push yourself into places that you have only dreamed possible. Now trust me there’s no doubt it’s definitely easier said than done am I right?

Well if there is one thing that we want here at RedCon1 it’s for every single one of you to achieve the goals you set out for in your life, even more we want you to blow those goals right out of the water. One of the greatest inspirations of all time, Arnold Schwarzenegger, once said that “the only way to make the possible possible, is to try the impossible”. Push yourself, strive for your goals and don’t look back until you get here. Now don’t get me wrong there are going to be failures and it won’t happen overnight, but that is what separates a champion from the rest. Arnold Schwarzenegger didn’t win every bodybuilding competition he ever entered. Use the failures and set-backs in your life to feed your hunger and ambition. All of the moments when we wanted to give up and decided instead to push harder regardless of what anyone said will be the moments that give birth to a champion. Humble yourself, as Dallas would say ‘Outgrow your ego”, persevere, commit yourself 100% to your dreams, don’t stop until you are at the top!  This is the true meaning of being at the Highest State of Readiness.