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The Mind of Winning

Do champions, who seemingly win contests at will, and successful people, who achieve everything they want out of this life, think differently than most other people?

The quick answer to this question is an emphatic YES! Simply put, these people create their own successful life story as they go along and they believe it as fact and an inevitable eventuality. They simply will not believe anything other than the success they have defined as their future. No matter how long it takes to achieve something these individuals may want, they do not allow themselves to entertain any ideas contrary to having exactly what they want in their experience. This kind of thinking is much more than just positive wishful thinking. What makes this kind of perspective magical is that it exists in the realm of faith. The belief that you can achieve something that you haven’t previously achieved before is by definition faith. These people all have an unwavering faith in their own ability to accomplish whatever they set their minds on. And it is this attribute of belief in one’s own self that is the cornerstone to which all the success and results each of these individuals achieve in life are built. When you listen to the stories they each tell, it is obvious that they indeed think differently about themselves.

How this power of belief in one’s self manifests in the lives of these athletes is very evident in the story you hear each of them tell about themselves. The story is always one of triumph, joy and accomplishment! They will often talk about the hardships in their own lives that empowered and motivated them to push beyond where they once were. They might also talk about their life and accomplishments in retrospect, telling a fantastic story of victory and accomplishment. And to each of them, their story is one of greatness and achievement. This kind of storytelling that we all do with ourselves and others is important in our life’s creative process, because it sets the stage for the expectations we have about our life’s results and gives us the courage and confidence to go places we have never been before. All champions and successful people intuitively tell themselves a story of victory and success. Whether these people know it or not, the story they are telling themselves is a narrative they are writing as they go along with their own desires and beliefs day by day.

What you tell yourself about who you are and what you are worthy of, is the story that you will live out each day. While we may not be able to control all of the circumstances and situations in our lives directly; we can directly control our perspectives toward every experience and our responses to our life’s events.

The problem many people have is the story they tell themselves is simply not congruent with the success or life that they really want. Instead, they tell a story that is safe. It is a story with very little at stake or risk. It is often a story they can’t fail at. And usually the reason they do this is because they don’t want to be wrong about what they think they can do or accomplish in their lives. The assumption seems to be that if they fall short of the story they tell, this will somehow indicate their own unworthiness in having or accomplishing that which they desire. This is self-sabotage at its best. For champions and the highly successful individual, faith in one’s self doesn’t rely on any circumstances in order to prove or validate their own sense of worthiness for what they want. They know they are already worthy of anything and everything they desire, it is only a matter of time and effort before anything desired by them is realized. This kind of thinking is very different than most people, but is always essential for great accomplishments. 

Control over your life’s experiences is the power we all have. The power to achieve greatness and success at anything comes from each of our own perspectives and what we each decide to focus our attention on. And thus our own story is defined by the beliefs we hold about ourselves and what we think we are each capable of. A great way to understand this concept of belief in yourself and how it manifests every outcome of your life is to look at your own life story that you tell yourself or others. What do you really believe you are worthy of and will achieve in your life? How do you speak to others about yourself? And finally, what do you know about your future? These are the main elements in our own self depictions and beliefs about ourselves that make up what roads you will decide to travel in your life and eventually what you will decide to achieve. Tell a great story about you always, but the key to making it worth something in your life is to believe it with certainty!