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4 Ways to Stay Sane During Summertime

I’ve got sunshine…

… I also have 3 beach towels, 4 outfits, 2 bottles of sunscreen, and a lunchbox (or two) full of snacks for one little person. I definitely learned the hard way that one bag wasn’t enough to keep up with my toddler. The younger the child, the more bags you need. My son will be 4 this July and when it comes to summer activity I am pretty sure I need a minimum of three bags to tag along with us.

Anyways… Like many of you, it’s summertime in our household which means two things: kids are out of school and it’s time for all the water activities.

It’s no secret that being a mom can be challenging as it is. But when summer comes, life becomes even more hectic. With no school and the kids home more than ever, us moms can quickly begin to feel like you’re going to lose your bonkers.

Taken from my own experience, I wanted to share with all you other mommies on the 4 ways that have helped me to stack on track while managing the “chaos”:

**FIRST THINGS FIRST, COFFEE! We need the rocket fuel to keep up.**

1.  Make a list — and check it twice! 

This is something we all probably do already, but we do it for our groceries and honey-do’s. Make a set summer checklist of things to pack so you’re not fumbling around with toys, snacks, and other necessities to make it through the day’s activities. I don’t know how many times I went to grab something from my bags and the item was not there. It is one of those moments where you mentally put it in the bag, but didn’t quite physically do so. Make a list, and check it twice. For the moms who are macro tracking, dieting, or just want to make better choices, MEAL PLAN. It is so easy for us to just pull over and eat the next fast food place on the way home, or eat whatever snacks our child didn’t. Don’t be afraid to live the Tupperware life.

2.  Schedule your own down-time

Ha, down-time? Okay, okay. It’s hard, I get it. It’s a foreign concept to many of us. But what we often forget is that down-time does more than just ensure your sanity, but your child’s also. My 3 year old no longer naps, but I do my best to make sure there is a time in our day where we take a breather and recollect ourselves. The time span ranges depending on how much activity we actually had. We range it from 30 mins to an hour and it starts around 2/3pm. In this time it doesn’t mean to finish up laundry, clean, or do the dishes, I mean unless those sorts of things soothe your restless brain. This should be the moment where you actually RELAX. Pick a show to watch, read a good book, get a quick workout in. Whatever it is, make sure you’re taking this time to get some clarity to take on the next part of your day.

3.  Plan ahead

If you are an agenda/calendar type person then you already got this one in the bag! Sure, random activities show up unexpectedly or certain plans you made fall through. That is life in general. But you can still have an overall plan for the week or maybe even the month. I have been a stay at home mom since the day Xander was born and I have always had a set schedule. (Actually that’s a lie. I once decided to just wing it and see how spontaneity felt but quickly learned spontaneity is not for me). Having an overview of the week along with your plan for the day helps create structure for the entire family and helps everyone have an idea of what to expect. Remember, you’re the quarterback of your life. You call the shots and you draw out the plays. Everyone on the same page equals a healthy, happy mommy.

4.  AM routine:

How you personally start your day is so important. You have to wake up with a clear and focused head to take on any challenge your day may bring. Start your day with a good habit such as morning stretches or cardio. Something that releases steam before your day even starts. If your child is old enough, incorporate them into your workouts. My son enjoys it. Some days he joins in and some days he sits back and learns, the option is his. Children watch everything even when you think they don’t, so you having good habits for them to see will rub off on them and get them to start their days on the right track as well.

I hope some of these tips were helpful. They have helped me a long the way. Also, be sure to follow Mommy’s Corner (@mommyscorner) on Instagram to keep up with our Summer Workout Challenges! This month is all about outdoor workouts!

Happy Summertime Mama Bear, YOU GOT THIS!