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Social Fitness

Nowadays, long before we are even able to drive a car, we have the ability to have a “voice” in the world and have our message reach millions of people in the blink of an eye. And as society continues to evolve and technology continues to grow, the platforms that we have available to us and the ease at which we can speak to the world will only get easier.

There have been hundreds of books written on this topic, and it is even something that has started to be taught at Universities throughout the country, so I’m not going to get too deep in the power of social media and how we can use it to benefit ourselves and impact the world, but I do want to focus in on the social media aspect within the fitness community.

You can visit just about any gym or training facility in the world these days and you’ll find people “checking in” while they’re getting ready in the locker room, or “snapping” a story about the current routine and exercises that they’re following at the time, or maybe they’ve even gone as far as carrying a handheld camera around and vlogging the entire experience so that they can later upload it to the “Tube”. Whatever the scenario, this is going on around you, and whether or not you decide to partake in it, it will be a part of our fitness community for awhile.

If you have been in the game long enough and pay enough attention to what’s going on, then you have seen entire companies and empires being built through the power of social media, and while the vast majority of us will never make a nickel off of the content that we publish online, that doesn’t have to deter anyone from having a vision of a message or story they would like to share and possibly having an impact on another person’s life.

And maybe you’re saying to yourself right now, “Dude, I just want post selfies and videos of me lifting heavy shit and have people give it a thumbs up”, or maybe, “I just want to post booty progress pics on gain attention from as many people as possible”, and if that is the case, I am in no way in a position to tell you whether that is right or wrong and I support you in everything you do as long as it makes you happy and in no way has a negative impact on my life, so please, continue to “do you” and post away.

Now this article is for anyone who is making lacking the confidence in putting themselves out there because maybe they’re fearful of being judged by others, or maybe someone who is lost about what to post because they aren’t “famous” and don’t think that what they’re doing matters, or maybe you’re neither of those and just want to share your journey with others. So whatever your story may be, I’m going to share 3 tips that if you follow will have you in no time building a compelling story that you can feel good about and will resonate with others. And that’s the power of Social Media.

#1. Define your “Why”. What is the story you’re trying to tell? Are you on a weight loss journey? Are you overcoming a medical setback? Focused on building muscle? Maybe training for a fitness or bodybuilding competition? Or training for an obstacle race? Whatever it is, this is probably the reason you joined the gym in the first place, and is the motivating factor in why you schedule time out of your busy day each day to make sure you are getting to the gym. So have the message clearly defined, and when developing content to share, talk about it, let it be the focal point of your messaging. There may be another person going through exactly the same journey, and a relationship can be forged through this.

#2. Establish and be consistent with being “You”. Have you ever read a book or watched a movie that was just awful, but you couldn’t pull away because there was just this one character that you connected with? Or remember a time growing up, when you loved a story so much that you wanted to dress up as the main character in it. Every story is built around a “character”, and in your social media story, that character is YOU. So become authentic, and different. Putting a false impression of yourself online is only going to lead to a struggle within yourself in the future. So if it isn’t something you would share with your family, don’t share it with the world.

#3. Be a “human”. Yes, social media is an aspect of our lives that we consume through a tiny device in our pockets, but on both ends of the spectrum lie 2 human beings, with emotions, with heartbeats, with all the characteristics that make us the greatest species on the planet. And every human has ups and downs. So yes, be very excited to share all of your victories, and yell them like you’re screaming from the top of a mounting, but at the same time, don’t shy away from discussing your failures. It is those setbacks that we have in our fitness journeys that ultimately lead us to the greatest achievements, so why wouldn’t we briefly want to discuss these?

Now you’re probably asking yourself, “What gives this guy the ability to speak on a subject such as social media influence in the fitness community” and my answer would be to just go back and reread this article if that’s what you’re left here still asking… I’m just a guy with a keyboard and an opinion trying to share that voice with others and maybe have an impact somewhere along the way.

I hope you choose to do the same!