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So You Wanna Transform…Now What?

So you decided to transform. Now what?

To those who have picked up my Transformation Program on, I’ve laid out the plan, the reps, the diet, the cardio. What happens on days you need motivation to stay on track? Remember this. Write it on your mirror, on a giant board, engrave it in wood.


What does this mean? It means there will be days you won’t be motivated. There will be days you want to give yourself an excuse, or even possibly give up. Those are the most important days in your journey because those are the days you really must dig deep. You must remember, staying DISCIPLINED in what you’re doing is what will keep you moving towards your goal. This means doing something even when you don’t want to. Remembering your “WHY” and making the choices that will bring the outcome you’re working towards.

Some steps to take at the beginning to keep yourself on this disciplined path is:

  1. Take progress pictures weekly: You WILL see in side-by-side pictures the differences. You may not see it by just looking in the mirror and trying to remember what you looked like 1 or 2 weeks ago. Even the slightest change can keep the firing burning or reignite it. When you do this be sure its in the same spot, with the same lighting, in same position and preferably same clothes. You want consistency to give you the best picture of the change. Hold onto those first photos and use those for that motivation!
  2. Create a schedule: You wouldn’t cancel a doctors appointment because you “didn’t feel like it”. Lock in your workouts, meal prep, etc by writing it in a calendar. I’ve actually switched to a hand-written, old school planner because it allows me to visually see everything in front of me, keeping my life a little more organized (or so it feels). Every week I write in the times I’ll be training and I schedule anything else I do around that. Of course as a mom, things don’t always go to plan weekly and thats where you must get comfortable with flexibility and not falling off track. But when things are not thrown off, prioritize and plan those training/cardio sessions!
  3. Tell those around you: It’s amazing what happens to our accountability by letting others in on our lives and plan. Although not everyone will be receptive to these things, and some may be flat out unsupportive, you’ve let them know so there’s no question as to why you “have” to go workout or “can’t” enjoy that extra slice of cake. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in this journey of self-care, so shout it to the world! Let them know this is the kind of life you’re choosing to live, and whether they choose to support it or not is on them.
  4. Prepare! We’ve all heard the saying “Fail to plan, you plan to fail”. It’s a saying for a reason, there’s too much truth to it. A huge part of making this lifestyle change is thinking ahead. You’re not yet (keyword “yet”) at the point where this is second nature. We’re creating changes, and it takes time for things to become a habit. Preparing food is key in this. Whether it’s taking 1-2 days a week to meal prep everything in advance or taking time each morning to sort out your planned meals for the day. Going into the day blindfolded won’t do you any good in helping you reach your goal!
  5. Do your Research! Finally, something that has helped me along the way to turn this into a LIFESTYLE, is to know What and Why I’m doing it! Now, before you get google-happy, there’s way too much online these days that it will just make you question everything you already knew about life in general. Research could simply mean asking questions. Or find a certified source, whether it be textbook or youtube video. (Again, don’t believe everything you see online.) If you don’t know why you have to alternate weight or adjust cardio levels, ask! Knowledge goes a long way and allows you to make educated decisions in the future. I personally know, through experience, all the different kinds of whole protein, carbohydrate and fat sources I can pick from on a day to day basis to make a balanced meal. It’s easy to read a plan (like mine), follow it and see changes. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and confidently LIVE this FIT life!