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Say Hello to Halo

The process of body transformation can be challenging and complex. Many seem to believe that bodybuilding is based on exercise and diet only. The general perception is that if you eat right and train hard, the results will inevitably come. Yet, the reality is a little bit different. The role of the science and innovation is also an indivisible element of the equation. Many people are making the ultimate mistake as they are avoiding certain fitness and scientific innovations. Moreover, the fitness industry is constantly aiming to improve and to develop certain compounds that can galvanize the overall muscle gains.
One notable innovation that is gaining popularity among bodybuilders is the element of Laxogenin. For those of you new to Redcon1, we’d like to introduce you to Halo.

What is Halo?
The main compound in Halo is Laxogenin, which can described as a plant-based hormone. This element can be also found under the name of 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin and it’s a member of the group of compounds known as brassinosteroids. Laxogenin is synthetically extracted and can offer a broad spectrum of benefits for the average weightlifter. It also important to emphasize that the Laxogenin is a powerful muscle building and fat burning compound. This is based on the fact that Laxogenin contains the ingredient ecdysterone which can optimize the process of building muscle mass. Based on research studies, Laxogenin possesses similar anabolic properties to anabolic steroids such as Anavar. The only difference is the fact that Laxogenin is a natural plant extract and considerably safer.

Laxogenin and Bodybuilding
Laxogenin is one of the elements that is gaining popularity in the fitness industry. This is based on the fact that this unique element can provide a broad spectrum of benefits for the average weightlifter.
The first notable advantage of Laxogenin is in its unique formula. To be more specific, this element can significantly increase the protein synthesis. In the same time, it can actively help in the process of decreasing the protein breakdown.
The second notable use in the fitness industry is closely related with the muscle recovery and growth. On that note, it is important to emphasize that Laxogenin can decrease the release of the cortisol. This stress hormone can implicate negative effects on the process of gaining muscles and strength.

Great Prohormone and Supplement Alternative

Another notable benefit of the Laxogenin is that it can be an effective replacement for prohormones. As we have stated, this compound can have a similar impact as the prohormones, SARMS and similar elements. However, the main difference is that Laxogenin is safer and has no negative side effect regarding the overall health and wellbeing. Although there is a limited research in this field, Laxogenin can be a solid estrogen blocker. The fact that this element is relatively safer to use to compared to other estrogen blocking supplements, makes the Laxogenin the perfect alternative.

Laxogenin can also be utilized as a supplement that can help the protein synthesis. While many of the supplements in the fitness industry are made through various processing phases, Laxogenin is one element that beats them all. Many bodybuilders and weightlifters believe that consuming an increased amount of protein can speed up the process of building the desired muscle mass. Well, that might be true, but it is also important to have a good body processing of the consumed protein. Laxogenin can optimize this process and can stimulate the use of the protein in the body thus stimulating the muscle growth. On the long term, this theory can maximize the overall fitness results of the user.

Halo Works Well with Other Supplements

Laxogenin can be a great replacement for many supplements that are popular on the fitness market. However, this innovative element can also be combined and mixed with other ingredients.  To be more specific, Laxogenin can work well with prohormones and testosterone boosters like Redcon1 Boom Stick and muscle recovery supplements like Redcon1 Tango. This can be beneficial as it can provide the body with the necessary recovery through different sources and pathways. Many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts make the ultimate mistake of taking a few different supplements that provide certain benefits through the same formula.
Combined with all these benefits, Halo can help in the process of tackling physical and mental fatigue. On the long run, this element can improve the resistance levels which in turn can generate more power and strength. This is beneficial as it is crucial for making new muscle gains after hitting a block. Laxogenin can help the average bodybuilder to break the barrier and to reach new fitness frontiers.
The final and possibly the most important benefit of the Laxogenin is that it can provide results on the fast track. To be more specific, this element has the unique ability to speed things up as it can have anabolic effects on the body transformation.

Laxogenin represents one of the better innovations in the fitness industry. Redcon1 took it up a notch with Halo, by putting a full dosage in one pill instead of multiple to get 100mg. It is a fact that this unique element can offer a broad spectrum of benefits in a safer way compared to other products. It is user-friendly and it is a perfect solution for many bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. The different types of advantages make the Laxogenin the reliable source for many weightlifters that have different needs. The anabolic properties of this compound make it an effective and safer replacement for many prohormones and other similar anabolic elements.