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RedCon1 – ISOTOPE!

RedCon1 – ISOTOPE!

I have a terrible habit of being nostalgic. I can’t help it. I’m OLD, back off!! And I’m not going to give you the age old speech about, “back in my day, we had to choke down a mix of raw eggs, dry milk milk powder, sheep’s blood, and thumbtacks”, because that would be a bold faced lie…we didn’t use raw eggs. However, starting my fledgling bodybuilding foray during the sweltering and portly summer of ’93, I can tell you that we didn’t have great tasting protein powder options.

I distinctly remember buying a generic can of “milk and egg” protein from a local health food store, and being head over heels excited about the potential of ingesting this entire can and it translating into newly developed pectorals to hide my little boy boobies! Boy, I was wrong on SO many levels. Half of you reading this won’t be able to relate, and the other half will be able to identify with the dry wall mix ability, the water repellent fluffy powder, and the abusive callow taste that needed honey, brown sugar, and ice cream just to make it palatable. And at that stage of protein project preparation, you’ve completely defeated the purpose of clean protein powder ingestion!! Hell you could have just showered your can of tuna with some maple syrup and called it a day, which I have also actually done. I can see you with your judgey eyes.



You damn kids, lifting noobs, and youthful “brand ambassadors” don’t quite grasp just how great you have it. Today you can go into any Super-WalShopMart and grab a pretty decent tasting protein powder right off the dusty, grimy store shelves! Now, it is true that the taste might be quite charming, but it is also true in that the quality of this WalShopMart brand may not even be up to ocean floor scraping industry parameters, and is most likely a cheap blend of Soy, Whey Concentrates, and Cartilage, with an added “Amazing Amino-Acid Recovery Blend” of L-Glutamine, L-Septuline, and L-Getyouline.

I could have saved you the time and the trouble of ingesting this by taking your money and scissor kicking you in the stomach. Either way, you would have made the same amount of #gainz and would have had less enteric problems in the long run. My point is, that great taste doesn’t amount to great quality. Luckily, there are a handful of excellent protein powders out there that are exquisite in quality and are also wonderfully toothsome.

An industry standard, as set forth by the notorious, Dan Duchaine, in 1993 in the shape of “Designer Whey”, whey protein would become an ocular piece in a bodybuilder’s supplemental arsenal. It didn’t take very long after this immense introduction that this protein species would be improved upon by “isolating” the pure protein fraction that composed the Whey Protein source. It was aptly titled; Whey Protein Isolate – End historical break. Given this random historical interlude, it leads me to my next point for all of you protein seeking sycophants; Whey Isolate is the KING source of protein powder, period. There is no other protein source available (that we know of) that has a higher bio-availability rate, a higher digestibility rate, and a higher protein/amino-acid content to mass ratio of ANY food out there! It is the Bentley of the luxury sedan world, the Ferrari of the sports car world, and is the Shelby Cobra Mustang of the pinnacle that is the hillbilly, Friday night, farm-town, drag racing spectacle. Oh? And what do you know? Right here, at RedCon1, and because I have a post-workout angry and sweaty Dallas McCarver breathing down my neck, menacingly, yet ever so patiently, waiting to see if I’ll finally hock some product in this whey cool article, we have Redcon1’s ISOTOPE! A fine and delicious protein powder devoid of any proprietary blends, inferior proteins, or added “amino-acid recovery” infusions.

There is a time and place for everything. I myself am a believer in multiple protein species in specific meals. That being said, however, there is also an UBER important time and place for a Whey Isolate direct injection (again with the car analogies). As I said before, the digestibility and high blood amino acid yield from whey isolate is unbeatable. Because whey isolate is so quickly absorbed and readily utilized by the numerable metabolic processes of the human body, a whey isolate booster would be helpful around times of anabolic/anti-catabolic needs! In my long-winded efforts, what I am getting at is that there is NO better source of protein than Whey Isolate, specifically around times of hard training. For example; as part of a pre-workout meal, or, as just a pre-workout meal in and of itself, a Whey Isolate like RedCon1 ISOTOPE, is the PERFECT food. In addition, post-workout, when the body is searching for a pool of essential amino acids, this is another perfect time for an ISOTOPE inoculation! To best utilize a product such as ISOTOPE, here is an example for a 130lbs fit-chick and 210lbs gym-bro:

Fit-Chick; Pre-Workout: 1 scoop ISOTOPE w/1 teaspoon Peanut Butter, Intra-Workout (if that’s your thing); ½ scoop ISOTOPE w/1 scoop Cluster BOMB, Immediately Post-Workout: 1.5 scoops




Gym-Bro; Pre-Workout: 1.5 scoops ISOTOPE, ½ cup oats, 1 teaspoon Peanut Butter, Intra-Workout (if that’s your thing); 1 scoop ISOTOPE w/1-2 scoops Cluster BOMB, Immediately Post-Workout: 2 scoops ISOTOPE

Now, I don’t need any hate mail over this ISOTOPE protocol (although if you absolutely have to, forward all hate mail intended for me to my very own, personal email;, as this is just a well thought out and effective way to implement a FAST absorbing protein source. That’s not to say, however, that in a pinch, ISOTOPE can’t be used as an effective meal replacement for the on-the-go personality! Actually, it is quite the opposite! With the correctly added nutrient profile, a whey isolate like ISOTOPE can be extremely effective at being a fantastic part of a regularly scheduled “meal”. As a fatty by nature, I have to share this with you, as this is a personal concoction that works for me as a sometimes pre-workout meal, or post-workout meal, or quick breakfast, or even as a night time meal if I want a cheat food without too much guilt!!  Brace yourself, here comes the magic:

Mix 1 scoop of ISOTOPE Vanilla with 1 scoop of ISOTOPE Peanut Butter Chocolate, and 1 tablespoon psyllium husk, with 20oz water. Next, grab the biggest bowl you can find in your cupboard and FILL IT with Reese’s Puffs Cereal. Gently pour your ISOTOPE mixture, evenly over the Reese’s Puff at a slow enough rate as to NOT disturb the uniformity of the Reese’s Puff balls. Gradually bathe each Puff with your ISOTOPE glaze, but without soaking or saturating the tranquility of Puff homogeneity. When all of your ISOTOPE mosaic is fluidly poured on, reach for your tablespoon and penetrate the cereal dish. You’re welcome.


Protein powders have come a LONG way since when I first picked up a can of Weider’s Dynamic Muscle Builder. I honestly look back in wistfulness, but also in a bit of anger at all the money I managed to persuade from my parents which, ultimately, was flushed right down the toilet anyways…both figuratively and metaphorically. So lesson learned younglings, spend your money on a QUALITY protein that will absolutely aid you in your quest to lean mass acquisition. Invest in High quality Whey Isolates, such as RedCon1’s ISOTOPE. Now somebody, PLEASE get Dallas McCarver something to eat!