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Major Changes To REDCON1 That Directly Affects You [IN A POSITIVE WAY]

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It’s only 24 days into the New Year, but it feels like time is moving faster than ever before. So before I kick off the important Update that directly affects you, I want to say I hope you’re having a great start to the year.

This Update is for you and is about our NEW Customer experience process

Whether you’re a first-time customer new to our community or one of the few hundred that have ordered more than 100 times, this is for you.

When Aaron, Darielle, Eric, and Eduardo set out to launch REDCON1, the goal was to be the biggest and best supplement company in history. That sounds like a mighty feat, but with premium products, a clear path, and an authentic customer-centric approach to business, we are well on our way to meeting that goal.

Most customers have always received fast delivery without issue from us. But, even if you have just one bad experience, it can tarnish your opinion of us. It’s no secret that our customers and community are our number 1 priority.

With that, I’m very excited to share with you the updates we’ve already implemented into our Customer Experience Process


We changed our entire customer service software stack and wrote custom software that provides immediate visibility if there is a delay on our end shipping your order. Today this is deployed at both of our United States distribution centers. Rest assured, this will also be the first software we bring online as we continue to expand our distribution network.


We now have a better process in place and will continue to work closely with our logistics partners to understand any of their delays to keep you informed faster.


We hired a Customer Experience Manager who will ensure that when you think about brands with the best customer service, Disney, Chick-Fil-A, Apple, you include REDCON1 in that group moving forward.


What good is fantastic support if you have to wait days to hear back from us?! We’ve hired and extended our customer service hours. From now on, we will provide support seven days a week.


We’re on the east coast … but that doesn’t mean you are! So we’re also going to offer coverage from 9 am est to 10 pm est. We’re also going to review the number of requests that come in after 10 pm est to see if we need to extend further.


Whether you have a general question or a frustrating problem, we want to ensure you are routed to the team that can solve your problem on the first touch. We’re proud to share with you the NEW Customer Service Hub, click here.


Are You A Tier Operator, You Now Have Dedicated Support
We’ve expanded our Tier Operator team to provide dedicated support to all Tier Operators. This can also be found here within the NEW Customer Service Hub, click here and soon to

Our Customer Experience Commitment


Deliver REMARKABLE Service


Always Remain Transparent


Embrace And Evolve With Your Changing Needs


Be Respectful Of Your Time


Answer Your Questions With A Positive Attitude


Communicate Our Brand’s Passion & Mission


Resolve Your Issue The First Time


Be Cognizant That We Positively Or Negatively Effect Your Goals


Be Respectful Of Your Time


Be Humble

Our leadership team is listening to you

We value you tremendously.  If you have a comment, question, or concern for our leadership team please fill out this form so we can help make it right.  We look forward to providing you a world-class remarkable customer experience.

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Ryan Monahan

Ryan Monahan

Chief Marketing Officer