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Matt Meinrod

Matt Meinrod has been a fixture in the bodybuilding and fitness industry for over half of a decade. He got his foot in the door back in 2012 as a writer for bodybuilding media website, RxMuscle.com. Soon he advanced within the company to become lead writer for the daily show “Muscle in the Morning” starring Dave Palumbo as the host.

After his time at RxMuscle, Matt would settle into his new role as Content Director at supplement company Blackstone Labs. Matt would be enlisted to write product descriptions, press releases, articles, and SEO content pieces. With a strong desire to do more media content he then created a rivaling media hub named Projectbodybuilding.com. The site would feature podcasts, articles, an active forum, videos, and contest breakdowns truly making it a one-stop-shop for bodybuilding fans.

While at Project Bodybuilding, Matt’s podcasts became the feature of the site. From The First Callout to Inside Bodybuilding to All Bull Radio, each show has been a success. Now that Matt has moved onto his new radio venture with Mentally Triggered you can guarantee that you’ll see the best from each of his previous outings.

Matt’s day-to-day business operations at Redcon1 and Singerman Enterprises include that of National Sales Manager, responsible for prospecting, closing, and growing online and brick and mortar store fronts. He is also Content Director for Redcon1. If you see any piece of content from Redcon1, it was signed off by Matt as guaranteed quality.

And you can find Matt on Instagram @Chipsdad give him a follow!

Luke Lazenby

Luke Lazenby is the Brand Affiliate Manager for RedCon1 and Iron Addicts Brand within Singerman Enterprises. Luke has quickly established not only a name, but a place for himself by quite literally kicking the door down to get into the industry! He is a husband and father of 3 gorgeous girls. Which he prides himself in first and foremost! Luke underwent a dramatic transformation himself which sparked a fire inside that led to a desire for helping others achieve the same goals! He started off in the Fitness Industry as a NASM Certified Personal trainer and then branched off to include Nutrition, and a slew of other specialities as well.

Luke and Matt originally met on Matt’s Bodybuilding Website and Forum Project Bodybuilding. Luke was a regular on the site and quickly became one of the top contributors on a daily basis. It was through PBB that Luke and Matt formed the beginning of a camaraderie that would lead to Mentally Triggered! With a vast knowledge of bodybuilding, training, food, cars, craft beers, and many other topics we can only imagine what fun and entertainment you can expect out of the show!

Follow Luke Lazenby on Instagram at @swoledadof3