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Keeping Up With a Fit Mom: Smart Goals

Where do I go from here?

I’m on a mission to lose my remaining baby weight. Like I wrote in my initial introduction to this series, you must choose SMART goals! The point of choosing a goal by this method is that it becomes incredibly detailed and gives you the ability to map and track your progress with a clearer picture in mind. Yes, my personal goal is to lose the baby weight, but I never actually picked an end goal aside from the number on the scale. Why do I want to lose the baby weight? For what purpose and by when? I have my how, but now I’ve realized it’s time to fill in the blanks. It’s not enough for me at this point to just simply say I’m going to lose 15lbs by training 5 days a week, doing cardio 7 days a week and sticking to my diet. Choosing a projected time will be a way to keep me on track. Because let’s face it, as a mother of 3 (4, if you’re counting the husband), life can very easily get in the way. Long days, afternoon commitments, exhausting children. That alone can be enough reason for me to make excuses for a day. A big reason why I always loved competing is it gave me a specific date to shoot for. If any moments of weakness would arise, I would think “OK, only X more weeks…”

After going over various options in my mind, I chose to set my sights on our annual holiday party, 6 weeks from now. Since my weight seems to be at a standstill due to what I can only guess is from hormones from the pregnancy, I am hoping I can at the very least break the 140’s. This may seem like it should be an easy goal to achieve, but at my current state, I’m not sure when my body will start to respond. Yes, it’s frustrating, but giving up is not an option for me, especially since I do see some changes in my physique. The scale will follow when it wants, as long as I continue to train hard and manipulate my diet. At this point I’m still hovering between 142-144lb. Sometimes choosing “pitstops” on your way to the “final destination” can keep the fire burning, as it can provide mini goals that may feel more realistic and attainable. So, although my ultimate goal is to be under 130lb, I am focusing on getting down to 135lb by December 15th. 

How to survive Weddings, Halloween & Travel on a Diet

Ok so here’s the short answer: PREPARE. Six years ago, when I was competing in Bikini “bodybuilding” competitions, my life and enjoyment of life revolved around my diet. Granted, this was all pre-babies and pre-meeting my husband, but my social life was very limited, because dieting and training for my competitions was the only other thing I thought about outside of work. It was consuming. I had not figured out a proper balance and thought if I was dieting that meant I couldn’t partake in many social events. Since then, I’d like to think I’ve figured it out, somewhat – the balance part. I do believe in order to achieve something difficult there must be some sort of obsession, but when do you take a step back for a minute and think about the moments you could be enjoying and memories you could be making? Not only that, but how can we make the diet work without interruption, while enjoying life’s memorable moments?? *gasp* This is what I’m talking about when I tell people this lifestyle is not an overnight process. People ask me how I do it, and I always stress that I did not wake up one morning and decide to live this way. It’s taken over 10 years to figure out how to mesh this lifestyle I love so much with “normal” life, AKA being a mom, wife, friend, conducive member of society, etc. Whether that be 10 years of figuring out what foods work best for my body, what style of training works best for me or simply how to eat out at restaurants and socialize while watching what I eat.

Now, back to the original question on how to survive weddings, halloween & travel on a diet? Three things that have popped up in my life in just the last week. Preparing for these events is what I’ve come to figure out works best so it’s a win-win for everyone. And I don’t mean “prepare” your food. No, prepare yourself for that moment with your diet. That could mean diet adjustments in anticipation of a wedding that weekend. Whether it’s going low carbs, carb cycling, burning extra calories that week (increasing cardio). There are options so the “cheat” can actually work for you and not against you. When it comes to training, you can plan to train your heaviest body part the morning of, so those extra calories are being put to good use. It’s important to remember that food is not the enemy, it’s simply a tool you’re manipulating to attain a goal. Food can actually be your best friend, once you understand the power of it. 

Life does not stop once you begin dieting, which is what I feel holds a lot of people back from beginning a journey. Like I’ve said before, there’s never really a good time to start, you just have to do it! 

Diet, Training & Cardio Update:

Since I was able to maintain my weight on a diet with a comfortable number of calories, but not seeing a drop in weight, it was time to change things up a bit. Carb cycling has always been my favorite form of dieting, because you’re really able to manipulate the calories without going days (or weeks) on very low carbs or calories. I’ve always had the most success in keeping weight off post-diet when I use this method. The idea is to go lower carbs, followed by higher carb day(s). Your body will use the carbs you take in more efficiently as fuel and less likely to store these carbs as fat. When your body runs out of carbs to use as fuel, it will use fat as fuel, thus losing weight. I’m explaining this in the simplest way possible, so to not over complicate things. I think the over-thinking is another thing that scares a lot of people away. When you can understand the basics, it won’t seem as scary to “diet”. So, as of right now, I am following a carb-cycling diet while maintaining my 20 minutes of cardio daily. I have focused on continuing to increase my intensity of cardio by doing my interval training. I’m currently stretching the more intense interval to 45-60 seconds with 90 second recovery. 

I’ve decided to adjust my training from a 5 day split to a 4 day split, purely for the convenience. For the longest time I’ve trained 5 days a week and it’s always worked well for me, when I’m maintaining my weight. Now that I’m on a mission to drop weight, cardio is a focus more than it would be any other time; and needing to balance things with having 3 little ones, it’s a tough commitment for me at this point to weight train 5 days a week, plus cardio. After speaking with my coach about my options, we agreed dropping one day of weights and just focusing on slightly increasing the cardio intensity would not slow down my progress. These are the types of adjustments that may need to be made to accommodate life as a mom, and this is an example of choosing commitment over obsession. 


Here are the current Redcon1 supplements I’ve worked into my weekly regimen:
Isotope PROTEIN – Once a day mixed with 10oz water before bed 
Double Tap FAT BURNER – 4 days a week before cardio 
Total War PRE WORKOUT – 2-3 days a week before my heavier lifts 
Silencer NON-STIM FAT BURNER– Twice a day. 1 serving in am, 1 serving in pm 
RPG -Glucose dispersal agent – 2 capsules taken twice a day with higher carb meals 
Breach AMINOS– 1 scoop during workouts 2-3 days/week 
Breach Ballistic AMINOS + ENERGY – 1 scoop during workouts 4 days/week
Mental Trigger – 2 days a week before my workout
Multivitamin – daily
Omega 3 – daily
Vitamin D & C – daily
Zinc – daily