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Is Your Protein Wheying You Down?

Ah yes, protein! This is the most commonly sought after supplement amongst gym goers and probably the most important at the end of the day. We all know we need protein to build muscle, and lot’s of it. We also enjoy convenience, and protein products offer just that. To the average consumer, a cheap jug seems like the best way to go, economically speaking. Unfortunately, this simply is not true. We have to first educate ourselves on what a proper protein product looks like, and what will give us the most bang for our buck.

The most popular source of protein is whey. What is whey protein? Where does it come from? Whey protein comes from milk. Through the separation process, we are left with a product called “whey concentrate”. This is the most basic form of whey. Some companies take the refining process even further, creating another form called “whey isolate”. Whey concentrate will yield higher levels of fat and cholesterol than whey isolate. To give you a visualization, if you had 1 gram of whey concentrate, and 1 gram of whey isolate, the whey isolate would ultimately offer more actual protein. Think that sounds good? There is yet another step to this process that produces an even better product. Through an enzymatic process, companies are able to take whey isolate and turn it into “hydrolyzed whey isolate”.   Through this process, the protein is broken down into smaller fragments, making it much easier/faster to digest. So, what does all of this mean? Well, it means if you are looking for a protein that will give you the cleanest and most efficient gains, an isolate, or hydrolyzed isolate is the way to go.

Redcon1 has just the product: Isotope. This is the perfect product for post workout, and will help generate lean muscle gains. After physical activity, you want a protein supplement that will absorb quickly, as this is when our muscles are “hungry” and in need of nutrients. You can also add this with a meal, or, drink a shake or two throughout the day to help hit your protein total. As an added bonus, this is a supplement you will actually look forward to drinking! We all have had the protein powders that do not mix well, or have a terrible taste. Let us be honest here; getting chunks of protein that has not fully dissolved is disgusting. No one wants that chalky mess. With Isotope, there is no need to worry. Instead of spending the majority of your post workout trying to mix your shake, you can almost just drop your scoop in and drink it immediately; it dissolves that well! Just a few shakes and you are golden!  As far as taste, this is definitely something to get excited about. Redcon1 offers a nice variety of flavors for every pallet. More often than not, we see companies offer just the basic chocolate or vanilla, whereas Isotope comes in exciting flavors like mint chocolate chip ice cream, chocolate peanut butter, and many more! Another thing you want to keep in mind when buying a protein product is the actual protein per serving, and how many servings you are getting. Isotope offers a phenomenal 25g of protein per scoop, and each jug contains 30 servings! This is where I see a lot of people getting scammed when they make the decision to buy cheaper proteins.

The sad truth is that there are some companies out there that will try to be deceiving when it comes to offering protein products. One of the techniques they use to have a better profit margin is “amino spiking”. Amino spiking is when a company adds amino acids to their product, and uses those aminos to boost the total protein count. How does this work? Well, protein is measured by the nitrogen content of the product, and amino acids add to that nitrogen count. So, let us say you have a product that has been amino spiked. The container may say “25g of protein per serving”, but 5g or more of that is coming from the added amino acids! So really, you are getting ripped off and paying for a product that has been falsely advertised! Never fear, I am here to help and ensure you will not be ripped off again. There is an easy way to check if the product you are using has been spiked. Go to the ingredients list (not the supplement facts panel) and look to see if there are any amino acids (taurine, glycine, etc,) listed. If there are, there is a good chance the protein count is not accurate, especially if the aminos listed are towards the top of the ingredients list! Ingredients are listed in order from highest volume to lowest, so it is definitely not ideal to be seeing amino acids towards the top. So with this technique, companies are able to make a cheaper product, yet sell it as though it were legit. This is why you should be mindful of buying the cheap proteins you can find at your local supermarket. Luckily, amino spiking has been brought to light and many companies have put halt to this scandal. Redcon1’s Isotope is not spiked, and never will be. You are getting exactly what is on the label. Isotope separates itself from the pack with quality in every aspect.

There are so many choices out there when it comes to protein products. A lot of it is fluff and cheap slogans, so be careful and do not get sucked in with products whose companies have invested more time in marketing than the actual formulation. Isotope is the king of whey isolates, and will help anyone with their protein needs. Proper ingredients, servings, taste, and mixabilty is what this product offers, and at a very generous price. At $39.99 per jug, you will be making one hell of an investment (alright, I’ll even sweeten the deal and let you use my code “T10Garrettsk” for 10% off when you checkout at The time to isolate your gains is now, with Isotope! Lift on my friends!