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The Importance of Intra-workout Nutrition

It is no new concept that bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts are placing a greater emphasis on supplementation inside the gym and noticing greater results.

Studies show that intra-workout nutrition helps maintain elevated adenosine triphosphate (ATP), creatine, and insulin levels. The effects of those heightened molecules include increased strength, fat oxidation, and rate of nutrient transfer into the muscles and reduced release of catabolic hormones such as cortisol, glucagon, and epinephrine.

One of the most popular theories among those looking to build muscle is that one should load up on simple sugars post-workout. The problem therein is dextrose and foods loaded with simple sugars have a high osmolality. Osmoreceptors in the small intestine sense nutrient density of the food we consume, resulting in slower gastric emptying to the stomach. Carbohydrates and amino acids are absorbed less efficiently and reach the muscles to begin recovery at a much slower rate.

Cluster Bomb tricks the stomach into releasing large amounts of carbohydrates into the small intestine for rapid absorption by introducing highly branched cyclin dextrin. It is in the small intestine where glucose molecules link together to form high-molecular weight polymers. The low osmolality of the polymers creates a pathway for branched cyclin dextrins to exit the stomach instantly for rapid, sustained increases in blood sugar and insulin.

On days when I’m supplementing with Cluster Bomb, I experience significantly increased levels of intensity, strength, and focus. The formula does not sit idly inside my stomach but, rather, digests immediately and is made available instantly. My muscles respond wonderfully as the pump is prevalent by the end of my first set.

Some days, however, I just don’t require the additional carbohydrates. Do my workouts suffer? Quite the contrary, because I have backup! Every so often I substitute intra-workout carbs for raw amino acids.

The benefits of branched chain amino acids have been studied for decades and have been found to increase energy, recovery, fat metabolism, and muscle protein synthesis. Breach packs 5g of BCAA per serving in addition to a hydrating vitamin and electrolyte mix from coconut water, potassium, and sodium.

Another interesting amino acid included within the Breach BCAA formula is Glycerol, a popular molecule hyper-hydrates the cells. Glycerol also increases the absorption of other nutrients such as the aforementioned 5g of amino acids L-Leucine, L-Valine, and L-Isoleucine. When supplemented in conjunction with one another, these amino acids enhance the ability of the central nervous system to recover from taxing workouts and improve glucose/insulin tolerance. Added benefits include muscle sparing, fat burning, and energy-producing properties.

As work and complete daily activities, our energy stores ultimately diminish. What makes you an elite athlete is the determination to dig deep to achieve your fitness goals No matter if you are training for a bodybuilding show or for a marathon; intra-workout nutrition is crucial to maximizing performance!