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Whether someone has been training a long time or may have just got into fitness one has to know that injuries will occur and there will be setbacks. It is how you respond to those injuries that could make the difference on how successful your training will be moving forward. Staying positive, resilient and determined is a must for success.

I recently got a diagnosis of grade 2 tear is both of my elbows and for two years tried every kind of work around to get them to heal so I continue training. I tried physical therapy, acupuncture, dry needling, zapping with the tens unit, cortisone shots, load the elbows with weight before finally getting the MRI done and having two different specialist tell me to take 3 months off doing anything with my arms. While this is not what I wanted to hear its better than doing the alternative of surgery and having 3 months of recovery per arm for a total of six months of my arms being immobilized.

This was discouraging at first as I knew that I would not be able to train my upper body for 3 months. Then I had to look at it as more of an opportunity to focus on my weak area of my legs. So for three months I trained legs six times a week which included alternating quads/abs with hamstrings/calves. While it was a painful process I can feel my legs have got much stronger and my endurance in my lower body is now though the roof. With that being said I am happy that next week I will be able to start giving my legs a rest with just twice a week training and will now be able to incorporate upper body training along with all of that. 

I am hoping that nobody else has to endure the pain or setback of an injury, the real truth is that something is going to happen to everyone. When we occur setbacks we have to treat them as an opportunity to grow mentally stronger, be resilient, bounce back and prove our dedication. It only makes it that much sweeter when we succeed. It’s the trials that really makes us stronger because if everything came easy then we wouldn’t truly appreciate the reward.

Stay Strong!! Stay Resilient!!