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How to Stay Within Your Daily Calorie Limit for Thanksgiving

Spending time with the family and the abundance of delicious food is something that makes the holiday season special. But, the holiday season can be the most challenging period for many athletes and bodybuilders. Also, there is one element that goes under the radar for many fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders. That is the possibility of overeating. This is especially notable during the Thanksgiving period during which many people forget about their diet plan and eating limitations.

Combined with the prospect of spending less time in the gym, you have the formula for a rapid weight gain and an increased waistline. That is why it is imperative to take action and to protect your fitness gains from these two elements. In this article, we will focus on providing some ideas and strategies on how to limit the calorie intake for Thanksgiving.

1. Choose Light Thanksgiving Dinner
Everyone loves turkey, mashed potatoes, some stuffing and gravy. After all, the Thanksgiving meal has a high protein content and is very tasty. Also, many bodybuilders will argue that it is a great and natural source of protein and other essential nutrients. Well, we can agree about these two facts, but it is also important to look at this issue from a different perspective. In order to avoid an excessive amount of calories, it is important to analyze some food alternatives. For example, you can opt for a sweet potato instead of the mashed potato. The main reason behind this is that regular potatoes have high starchy compounds combined with high calorie and fat. On the other side, sweet potato has lower calorie while still providing the essential nutrients such as potassium and vitamin A. Also they are tasty, so the potential replacement will not significantly impact the overall Thanksgiving dinner impression.

Another option is to look for different alternatives for the stuffing. To be more specific, the stuffing tends to absorb most of the fat from the turkey, making it a real calorie bomb. In the same time, most of the stuffing mix recipes are based on white bread which in turn can have a negative impact on maintaining a certain diet plan. The high starch content combined with the carbohydrates may have the potential to be a barrier for maintaining a lean shape during this period.

That is why it is imperative to look at some of the alternatives. One option can be replacing the traditional Thanksgiving turkey stuffing with rice-based stuffing. This can be beneficial as it can eliminate some of the negative aspects mentioned above. Moreover, rice generally has fewer calories when compared to the other elements in the stuffing. Furthermore, consuming rice can be very helpful for the bodybuilders and athletes as it can provide a broad spectrum of healthy nutrients. Another option is to include asparagus on the menu since this plant can offer numerous benefits in the process of fat loss.

2. Do Not Skip Meals
The second mistake that many fitness enthusiasts and weightlifter do is skipping the breakfast and lunch. There can be several reasons for that. The first and foremost is closely related to the obligations and preparations for Thanksgiving where many people just focus on preparing the perfect Thanksgiving dinner. Another reason can be a wrong strategy based on the belief that by skipping the morning breakfast will actually limit the calorie intake for Thanksgiving. Both concepts are wrong based on two main reasons. The first is that by staying hungry for a prolonged period of time can result with overeating. The second is closely related with the high protein content in the turkey. To be more specific, the human body can process only a certain protein number at a time and initiating a process of protein synthesis. The exercise protein from overeating is not utilized and tends to ignite a weight gain process thus having a potential negative impact. That is why the perfect strategy is to not skip the regulars meals during the days. A normal flow of protein in the body system, rather than an excessive amount can help in the process of maintaining a lean physique.

3. Stay Active
While it is easy to relax for Thanksgiving in the company of family and friends, you should always remember your fitness goals. But the ultimate reality is that not everyone can resist the delicious Thanksgiving Turkey dinner and in many cases, athletes and weightlifters will neglect their fitness. That is why it is recommended to stay active during the festive period. To be more specific, it is imperative to exercise during or right after Thanksgiving. However, this does not necessarily mean heading to the gym. Spending time with the family can be a great opportunity to try new sports and activities through which you will be able to burn the extra calories. In the same time, it enables you a great leisure opportunity for a family reunion. From a fitness point of view, it can be really good as it will optimize the muscles. By participating in different sports, you will engage the muscles in different moves thus avoiding the so-called “muscle adaptation”.

All in all, the festive period can be a great opportunity to spend time with family and friends, to eat delicious foods and to relax. But building a lean physique is never ending process and requires constant dedication. That is why it is imperative to find the perfect balance between the two components. And although it is a complex and difficult task, with this simple strategy and discipline you can achieve both goals at the same time. If you feel the need to indulge, Redcon1 has you covered. Redcon1 offers the fat burners Double TapSilencer, and RPG to bandage any Thanksgiving damage you may endure.