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How Meditation Make Men More Manly

When men hear the word yoga, images of ladies in tight yoga pants are probably what come to mind first. It’s understandable for the average male to think that, since yoga is still mistakenly regarded as a woman’s practice. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Yoga actually has numerous benefits for men, especially the relaxing meditational aspects of the practice. In fact, meditation can actually make men manlier.

The Yoga-Meditation Connection

To fully understand how performing meditation could help men become manlier, it is important to know the relationship between the two.

Yoga and meditation are irrevocably connected. Notice how yoga has the eight limbs principle with dhyana, or meditation, as the seventh limb.

Meditation involves going inward and yoga is all about fluidity. In yoga, the body executes moves, or relishes in the stillness of certain poses to strengthen both body and mind. It is without a doubt a physical activity; however, it also paves the way for meditation and contemplation. The physical activity that is yoga and the mental strengthening in the meditation combine to form a complete body and mind exercise.

How Yoga and Meditation Make Men Manlier

There are numerous physical and mental benefits of meditation for men, here’s the facts:

Lowers Cortisol Levels (The Stress Hormone) and Boosts Testosterone

Cortisol and testosterone are two different hormonal messengers produced by the body. Cortisol is produced during times of stress and is responsible for elevating blood glucose levels in fight-or-flight situations to provide quick energy. Testosterone, on the other hand, is responsible for the development and maintenance of manly traits, whether physical or behavioral.

Cortisol and testosterone are interrelated in such a way that when levels of cortisol in the body are high, testosterone production becomes low. This is bad for men and can eventually lead to start developing more feminine qualities if stress is prolonged (for example increased body fat around waist and hips, emotional reactivity etc). Meditation help maintain optimal testosterone levels by reducing stress levels.

Studies showed that once men perform relaxing activities such as meditation, their stress and cortisol levels significantly lowered, and in turn, their testosterone levels increased. Not only that, practicing meditation trains an individual to have a high tolerance to common stressors, thereby preventing cortisol levels from rising frequently.

Increased Sex Drive

Meditation indirectly increase a man’s libido by way of increasing testosterone levels and decreasing stress. As previously mentioned, performing relaxing activities would boost a man’s testosterone level. High testosterone levels are associated with a high libido, and your partner would surely love the heightened desire you’d show.

Look And Act More Masculine

While doing relaxing meditation or yoga, men benefit from better digestion, contributing to an improved metabolism. Yoga movements help with digestion. Moreover, they also massage the intestinal tract, thereby promoting good bowel movement.

Not only does yoga help reduce body fat, it also tones and conditions men’s muscle in places that would normally be hard to get to with regular weight lifting. The physical movements created in yoga promotes even muscle mass. Strengthening of the core is also a main advantage when performing yoga and aside from having a well-chiseled body, yoga also conditions a man’s body by increasing its flexibility despite muscle size development. Being full of muscle but barley able to move is not a great sight.

Improved Sexual Performance

You’d be a beast in bed if you have higher testosterone levels. But all the core and body weight exercises in yoga provides a good workout, boosting your stamina, which in the end allows you to perform better in bed. You also get more flexibility so you are free to explore various positions. This, combined with a heightened libido, results in a more exciting sex life.

Improved Self Confidence

Having the appropriate mentality will allow you to project an aura of masculinity. Being self-assured, for starters, would definitely boost your perceived manliness.

Having confidence in yourself will enable you to believe in yourself and in your capabilities. It would also allow you to be fully accept your limits. All these are attractive qualities in men but what makes them more potent is that if you like who you are, and you are genuinely not bad to others, others tend to value you highly.

With meditation, you can train your mind to view things from another perspective and understand how others see you. You can train yourself to focus on the inside, and to open your mind up to the rest of the world. These activities also give a sense of greater personal power to fully deal with tricky situations.

Yoga postures makes men walk taller and prouder, thereby inhibiting the development of uneven muscularity and promoting good posture. Furthermore, with mind body  training, your limits will be tested and extended, making you realize that you could now do things you once thought was impossible.

Enhanced Discipline and Self Control

Being manly means being a gentleman and having full control of your faculties. By performing meditation, the mind would be developed in order to focus on one goal. It limits distractions and trains the brain to focus on what is important.

Self-control is also an important thing when it comes to confrontations, which are traditionally between men a showdown of who can be the most rugged. But come to think of it, is it manly to start a fight and be confrontational?

By doing meditation, you can focus on the things that truly matter and be more mindful of the possible repercussions of what you do.

Be More Relaxed

It’s true that aggressiveness is associated with men, but being aggressive bordering on violent is no way to live. Instead of being high-strung, you can be the epitome of in control calmness and benefit from being able to respond to any adverse situations. Being calm and collected further adds to your manliness and character, especially because it would allow you to take charge of a situation, like a man should.


Not all that society dictates are true and should be followed. Sometimes, what the norms tend to say is opposite to what is good for you.

Meditation is not at all a “feminine” activity. It requires dedication, discipline and mental exertion. If you are mentally capable of being in control of yourself and your own mind, there is nothing you cannot achieve!