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HIIT VS Steady State

Head Trainer at Redcon1, Joe Bennett, better known as The Hypertrophy Coach, is back today to tell us which form of cardio is best: HIIT vs. Steady State. High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is much more metabolic on the body, meaning it has a greater impact on your total energy expenditure and calorie burn over the course of the entire day when compared to steady state cardio. If done properly, HIIT is not taxing on the body. Joe gives three options for HIIT exercises: Spin bike, sled push, high incline hills. The biggest factor in determining if you should do HIIT on a given day is how much glycogen have you consumed and currently have stored in your body. If you are on low carbohydrates and depleted, HIIT is not your best option. Start with 3-5 sets of intervals at 15-20 seconds duration for each. Joe recommends picking exercises that you enjoy doing and are more likely to stick to.