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Healthy Holiday Party Eats

During the holiday season, I’ve found that it’s difficult to find foods to eat when going to pot lucks, parties and family dinners.  Although the food that’s usually available is festive and delicious, it’s not exactly the healthiest.  I’ve come up with some healthier entrees, sides and even hot chocolate to bring with you to any Christmas, Hanukkah or holiday party.  I hope they help keep your diet on track and enjoy them!

Roasted Brussel Sprouts

I mainly use this recipe as a side, but it can also be used for a party that is serving appetizers and finger food. 

1/3 c extra virgin olive oil (depending on amount of Brussels sprouts you want to cook) 
1 Tbs salt
1 Tbs pepper 
Raw brussel sprouts – about three cups

You’ll Need:
Baking sheet (I use 9×13)


  1. Preheat the over to 425 degrees
  2. Rinse the Brussels sprouts and cut each one in half
  3. Spread the halved Brussels sprouts evenly in one layer on the baking sheet.  I line the baking sheet with tinfoil to make an easier clean-up!
  4. Drizzle the extra virgin olive oil evenly over the halved Brussels sprouts – enough so that each Brussels sprout has oil
  5. Using your fingers, sprinkle the salt and pepper evenly over the entire baking sheet of Brussels sprouts
  6. Place the baking sheet in the oven & cook for 30 – 40 minutes
  7. Be sure to turn them at least once
  8. After 30 minutes, check to make sure they are browned to your liking.  If not cook for another five to ten minutes
  9. Remove the baking sheet from the oven when they have reached your desired crispness – I prefer mine very crispy
  10. Let the Brussels sprouts cool for a few minutes on the baking sheet
  11. Spoon into a bowl & serve warm!

Shrimp over Green beans

1 lb fresh frozen large shrimp peeled & deveined with tail on
2 Tbs + 2 Tbs minced garlic
2 Tbs + 2 Tbs chopped onion
Raw green beans (I buy 2 lbs. and use enough to line the bottom of my serving platter)
1/2 Tbs + 1 tsp salt
½ Tbs ground black pepper
1 Tbs red pepper flakes
2 Tbs + 2 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
2 Tbs of lemon juice

You’ll Need:
9×13 Pyrex baking dish (or similar sized serving platter that you like)
Large lettuce leaves (to be used as garnish to line the bottom of the serving dish)
3 lemons (cut into garnish wedges)
Wok pot (to cook shrimp)
Large pot with lid (to steam green beans)
Pan (to brown onion and garlic)


  1. Start by placing shrimp into a large bowl with hot water to thaw if frozen
  2. Line the Pyrex dish, or serving platter, with lettuce leaves for garnish
  3. Using the large pot, fill with enough water that it barely covers the bottom of the pot
  4. After rinsing the green beans, place them in the pot with water and on the stove
  5. Turn the stove on med-high and cover with the lid – let cook for 10-15 minutes depending on desired softness
  6. On another burner, put 2 Tbs of extra virgin olive oil in a pan on med temperature
  7. After giving the oil a minute to heat up, add 2 Tbs of minced garlic and 2 Tbs of chopped onion
  8. Let the onions and garlic cook until they are slightly browned, stirring occasionally
  9. Once the green beans have been steamed to your desired softness, carefully remove them from the pot and spread along the lettuce that is already lining the serving platter
  10. Once the onions and garlic are a golden brown, drizzle the mixture from the pan onto the green beans distributing it evenly
  11. Sprinkle 1/2 Tbs of salt and 1/2 Tbs of ground black pepper evenly over the steamed green beans
  12. Next, place the wok on the stove and heat med to med-high
  13. In the wok add 2 Tbs of extra virgin olive oil with 2 Tbs of minced garlic and 2 Tbs of chopped garlic
  14. While the onions and garlic are browning, drain the shrimp from the water (remove tails if desired)
  15. Once onions are see through and garlic is browned, add the shrimp to the wok
  16. Stirring frequently, add 1 tsp of salt, 1 Tbs of red pepper flakes and 2 Tbs of lemon juice
  17. Cook the shrimp in the wok until they turn pink and slightly curl
  18. Spoon the shrimp from the wok on top of the green beans
  19. Use the cut lemon wedges as garnish – they are multifunctional and can be used when the dish is served for more lemon flavor!

Protein Hot Chocolate

For those of you strictly dieting or in prep through the holidays (bless you), I hope you fit this treat into your macros!  Because, what would Christmas be without hot chocolate?!

Macro Count:
Protein 26g
Carbohydrates 4g 
Fat 3g


8 oz unsweetened vanilla almond milk
4 oz water
1 scoop Redcon1 isotope (chocolate)
1 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder
2 packets of Splenda

You’ll Need:
Microwave safe mug
Shaker bottle


  1. Start by pouring the unsweetened almond milk and water into a shaker bottle
  2. In a separate bowl combine Redcon1 isotope, unsweetened cocoa powder and Splenda
  3. Transfer mixture into the shaker bottle and shake to mix ingredients
  4. Once there are no longer clumps of powder in the mixture, pour into mug
  5. Heat the mug in the microwave for a minute to a minute and a half – until the desired temperature is reached

Hopefully these recipes help you put healthier options on the holiday table and you enjoy them as much as I have!