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Gym Bro's Christmas Wish List


Dear Santa Claus (the original perma-bulker),

I wanted to write you this letter in hopes that you already know how good I have been this year.  You probably see my name twice as you are looking at the naughty and nice list.  I eat my veggies, carbs, and protein shakes like a good gym bro.  I also sleigh the weights (pun intended) when I am in the gym.

‘Twas the night before Gainsmas when all through the house, 
Not a creature was stirring, not even your gym spouse.
The cables were hung by the pulleys with care,
In the hopes that every-day-arm-guy soon would be there. 
When out in the gym there arose such a clatter, 
Some knucklehead dropping his weights while doing a dumbbell ladder.
But I heard him explain as he limped out of sight, 
Merry Gainsmas to all, and to all a good night.      

Okay, so pretend all of the aforementioned never happened; that was my very poor attempt at humor.  From here on out I will never do that again.

Let’s talk about the topic at hand, a gym bro’s Christmas wish list.  What are the things that every bro wishes he/she (yes women can be gym bros too) had?  I am strictly talking fitness related things here, so get your mind out of the gutter.

More Supplements

Every gym bro has a good assortment of go to supplements.  By go to supplements I mean protein and pre-workout because that’s what brings on the gains.  So, let’s add some more protein and pre-workout to that medicine cabinet.

Since this is a wish list though, how about adding some other things to the supplement arsenal (for less important things like you know…health):

  • Redcon1 Med Kit: a complete overall health product that aids in organ rejuvenation and overall immune function.
  • Redcon1 RPG:  Let’s put all those delicious Christmas cookies to good use.  RPG is a glucose disposal aid that will help ensure that extra glucose is being stored as muscle glycogen and not body fat.
  • Redcon1 Big Noise: Want to show up to Christmas dinner with the biggest pump of your life?  Want to scare the children with your massive blood-filled biceps?
  • Redcon1 MRE: Easily the greatest, most convenient meal replacement product ever created.  Made with whole foods, this product will give you everything you need when getting in a solid meal just is not an option.

Bigger Bench

That bench has been stagnant and plateaued for a good couple of years now.  Every Monday you walk into the gym with every intention of getting that bench to go up in weight.  You slap on a 45 and bust out a few reps and a few warmups until you are ready to attack the weights.  Ever thought that maybe your current approach could be the wrong approach?  Blasphemous I know; you are gym bro, and gym bro knows all.  Let’s take a different approach to getting your bench bigger:

  • Forget the notion of feeder sets.  Feeder sets exhaust the muscle before you actually get to the really heavy stuff.  Start light and continue to work your way up in weight as you typically would.  Now instead of doing 10-15 reps every set until you get to that top weight, only do 1 or 2 reps.  These “feel” sets will prime the muscle and nervous system for the ensuing heavy weight.  For example: if your max is currently 315, start by doing 1 to 2 reps of 135.  Then move on to 1 to 2 reps of 185, then 225, then 275, and then finally move on to 315. 
  • Focus on other movements like dips, overhead presses, and close grip bench.  Bigger triceps typically means bigger pressers. 
  • Work on mobility.  It’s not fun, but better mobility has many benefits like the ability to fully stretch and contract muscle fibers. 

A More Ripped or Muscular Physique

Maybe you should put that third plate of mashed potatoes back fatty.  The holidays are a hard time to try and lean out, but that does not mean that you shouldn’t put your goals of getting leaner aside. 

Work on setting a goal and sticking to that goal.  Stop going back and forth on what you actually want from your physique.  Do you either want to get bigger or leaner?  Figure that out and then go all in towards making that goal a reality. 

More Cutoffs and Tank Tops

Because what’s the point of having holiday gains if nobody sees them?  Jump on redcon1.com and pick up some sick new gym gear. 

Cooler or Lunchbox

Somewhat of an unorthodox idea, but a new cooler to bring all of your meals might be very beneficial.  Grab one of those bodybuilder specific coolers with all the extra Tupperware compartments.    

A New Training Program

Ever heard the saying, “the best training program is the one you are not doing”?  There is actually some truth to that statement.  If it seems as though progress has stopped (just as we talked about with the bench press), maybe it’s time to mix it up.  Try higher reps if you are used to lower reps, and vice versa.

Many of us get into training ruts that impede our overall progress we should be making. Check out Redcon1's Six Week Arm Program here

A New Diet Protocol

Not talking fad diets here, but actual legitimate nutrition programming tailored specifically to your goals.  A new ripped physique is one of the things you already asked for, so let’s get the specialized program that will get you to that point. 

Lifting Gear

You are a raw lifting beast that thinks lifting gear is for the weak!  Maybe that’s why you still look the same as you did last year.  Or maybe that lower back pain has been holding you back for so long that it’s impossible for you to make progress. 

Grab up some Redcon1 lifting straps or a Cardillo weight belt to take your progress (and comfort) to a new level.  Plus, you will look like you know what you are doing in the gym, because really, that’s all that matters.

…. the Ability to see Another Gainsmass

All joking and mockery side, enjoy this holiday season with the ones you love and care for.  Each passing holiday is a blessing.  Don’t become so consumed in your goals that you miss out on what is right in front of you, even if you are that close to hitting that bench PR…. bro.   



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