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Go Get It


This has been one of those weeks. The last two weeks actually! You try everything to avoid it and push past but it just gets the better of you. What is it you ask? It’s the seasonal spread the germs sickness that attacks your whole family!! 

My daughter is getting over being sick and I was sick before that. Last week I felt like death. Trying to force meals was excruciating. Then Wednesday I felt better only to start a cough on Friday which is still making my lungs feel like I can’t breathe and winded. Walking hurts. What do you do? I know this is where your body is screaming to get rest but it’s beyond hard when my husband is out of town and then comes home and is sick himself. Now baby is sick and just when I thought I was better BAM, I had a rough night feeling icky myself. So what is a Mom to do? 

Stay positive and doing as little as possible!! (Yeah right you say as you roll your eyes lol) Staying on my meal plan is what I aim for when I can’t get the workouts in. Believe me, the last thing I want to do is choke down salmon when I’m nauseous. But, it’s mind over matter, just do it. And if you absolutely can’t, then supplement a protein source that’s easier like eggs. 

This week I give credit to all single moms who do this alone with no help. I have a new respect. It’s definitely hard. With My husband traveling so much for work sometimes it truly stinks and I absolutely miss him not here. Especially helping in the mornings. I’ve come to realize how nice it is for him to do that. So what do you do when it’s all on you! I wish I had the answer for that because there is no right answer. You do what you must. The laundry that’s waiting to be folded and  dishes waiting to be done at the end of the day aren’t going anywhere so don’t stress the little things. Those are little things. Focus on your health first and foremost. Don’t get me wrong either, if your body is screaming REST, then REST!!! Second, try and create a plan of action. If you have a childcare in the gym or a friend that will help an hour, utilize them!! For me it took me the longest to let go of control and utilize the help I am lucky to have around me. If you don’t have that option then create a home routine, when baby is sleeping or before they wake up. Thirty minutes is all you really need to feel and make a difference. Believe it or not no matter how tired you are, when you add physical activity to your day you will feel better and have more energy. And I’m telling you this as someone who has a toddler that does NOT sleep through the night so I get it trust me!! Do a stroller workout if needed. (Post below) if you want results you will find a way, people who don’t will always make an excuse. Don’t be the “I’ll do it later” person. Be the “I will do it now” person and you will thank yourself in the end when you look in the mirror and see the results you only wish you didn’t wait so long to get! 

Walk -5 min
Walking lunges – 50
Light jog – 5 min
Walk -5 min
Walking lunges -50
Light jog -5 min
Walk – 5 min

This is roughly 30-40 min depending how long the lunges take you. Go at your pace. If you walk 10 min run for 1 min and do 10 lunges as a beginner that is totally fine! Work your way up! Just start somewhere. No one ever regrets the workout they did, only the workout they didn’t do! 

Now go get it!!