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FIT TIP: Fix Your Main Back Exercises

Many people tend to skip the workouts for their backs. One of the reasons is that the back muscles are out of sight, therefore you can’t exactly see the results.

However, the back represents one of the key muscle areas. Also, it can have a significant impact on the entire body proportions. Additionally, a strong and well developed back is something that is an indivisible part of building a strong body.

However, the back muscles such can also improve other areas. Combined with that, it also improves your squats, deadlifts. And finally, it can promote better body mechanics in the long term. Therefore, it is imperative to have a proper exercising technique.

1. Pull Ups

As we noted on the previous back article pull-ups are one of the most versatile exercises out there. Moreover, you can do this exercise almost anywhere. All you need a is bar that can hold your weight. Because of the difficulty of the exercise, and the fact that the weight can’t be reduced, it’s best to perform this exercise first in your workout.

TIPS: Many gym beginners make the ultimate mistake to try to do as many reps as possible. However, in case you cannot do many reps of this on your own, get some help from a spotter.  This will actually give you an additional level of stability and security. Moreover, it will improve your technique in the long term. Also, you can wary the position and width of your grip. This is beneficial as it can target the different muscles in your back.

2.Wide-grip lat pulldown

The Wide grip lat pulldown is one of the classic machines that can offer a broad spectrum of benefits. However, the main advantage is that you can adjust the width and grip. Therefore, this will enable you to target different muscles cells in back. Also, this can activate those muscles that are relatively underused in other exercises.

TIPS: Do not lean back too far. Also, pull the weight down using your body weight.

Additionally, it is recommended to avoid pulling the bar down behind your neck. This can actually create excess stress on some of the weaker muscles in your shoulders.

3. One-arm dumbbell rows

The one-arm dumbbell row is one of the relics of the old school bodybuilding. Although, not as popular in the ’90s, the exercise is still favored by many professional bodybuilders. Yet, this is a great exercise that can isolate the upper and middle back muscles.

TIPS: Many gym beginners pull the weight up to the shoulder while moving the body slightly to the side. It is common to mistake even among the experienced bodybuilders.

The best way to do this exercise is to row the dumbbell until it’s just about even with your rib cage on the side.

4. Seated cable rows

The seated cable row is one of the main back exercises in today’s bodybuilding. Moreover, this movement has numerous benefits for the development of the back muscles. It can add thickness and strength to every area of the back. Additionally, it can be a good exercise option to for finalizing your back workout. 

TIPS: Keep your knees bent. By straightening them you will push yourself more backwards. This will make you hoist more weight. But in fact, you will be cheating your back of doing the work.

Additionally, try to isolate your lats even more. Aim to keep your back in the same position throughout the motion. Instead of bending forward, try to keep your back perpendicular to the ground. Slowly extend your arms in front and draw the pulleys to your core for another rep.

5. Back extensions

The back extensions can optimize the development of your lower back. Also, the benefits can be felt without using too much weight. As a matter of fact, many prefer to do more reps with less weight. 

However, to do this exercise, you will need a hyperextension bench. This includes a wide pad to rest your upper legs on. Additionally, it has a padded railing which keeps your legs in a static position.

TIPS: In case your weight isn’t much of a workout, shake up the exercise a little bit. Add a holding weight plate across your chest and folding your arms securely around it.

Also, do not arch your back while raising your torso. Additionally, do not lift your torso beyond the straight line formed by the rest of your body. This can actually generate additional stress on your lower back muscles.

6. Straight-arm pulldowns

The straight arm pulldowns are one of the best finishing exercises for your back. This is because this exercise can work your back without the support of the biceps. Moreover, the resistance is mostly applied on your back. Therefore, this can maximize the overall back muscle gains. 

TIPS: It is important to emphasize that you should not use much weight on this exercise. Therefore, you should focus on lightweight. This will still have a significant impact on your back. It can be a great polishing exercise.

The Bottom Line

All in all, the building a well-defined back represents one of the main elements of building a muscular body. Therefore, you should do these conventional exercises with the proper technique you. However, it is also important to have proper control and technique. I hope these tips will help you to improve your workouts with the result of a wide, V-shaped and thick back.