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Keeping up with a Fitmom: Day in the Life.

There’s a million dollar question that floats around town and that is, “what do moms do all day??” It seems like everyday is the busiest 24 hours, yet what is accomplished? In conversation, I’m not sure. On paper, it’s exhausting. Moms, have you ever sat down and actually wrote out what you do all day? It may be the only “job” that you can actually account for your activity minute-by-minute, considering it takes 15 minutes just to get your kids shoes on. At the same time, it feels like the most impossible to explain. 

I personally get asked “how do you do it” when it comes to having three kids, and the answer is I just do. I may finish the day off with some advil and half a bottle of wine, but I do it, and I love those crazy little guys. Also managing to commit to my workouts and diet to lose my baby weight seems to be an overwhelming thought to many women out there. From the guilt, to finding the time, physically and mentally. Sometimes writing down a plan on paper can spell out the answer for you. For me, visually seeing my day in front of me helps me plan exactly what needs to be done, whether its my workout or even getting a minute to sit down and write this out, which by the way has taken me days to be able to complete. #momlife  

To give you an idea how my day goes, from mom life, my workout and even when I eat, I’ve written it all out. If you’re struggling with your time management, hopefully this can spark a little creativity in your routine or at least take some pressure off needing to be “on” 24/7…there’s enough pressure on us! Naturally, not all goes according to perfect plan when kids are involved, thats the beauty of being a mom. Life’s so unpredictable, how exciting! One day you’re cruising along with your workouts and routine, the next you’re sitting home for days at a time with a sick kid (or two). Those are the days you go with the flow, adjust your schedule IF you can, or simply plan to not move off the couch with your little one except to fetch them soup or your sanity. 

So without sounding too OCD, here’s my day in a nutshell (not really a nutshell). Again, this is just a sample of an average day where nothing out of the ordinary pops up: 

6am– Wake up. Throw my clothes on for the day. Feed baby (Alijah)

6:30-7:00- Make coffee. Attempt to drink before going to get Aaden (2 year old) from his crib

7-7:30- Get Aaden from crib. Continue to keep the coffee going while getting Aaden’s breakfast ready, making the boys lunch and packing up my cooler with my second meal. 

7:30 Asher (5 year old) comes downstairs

7:45– Make Asher’s breakfast and sneak away to get the kids clothes for school

8:00- Sneak away to get myself dressed

8:15- Get the boys dressed/argue with 5 year old to get himself dressed, teeth brushed 8:20 Scarf down my first meal + vitamins

Meal 1: A couple eggs, slice of toast & fruit

8:30- SHOES

8:40- Out the door.

8:41- Run back inside for something I forgot, usually my 1 Liter of water

8:45– Finally pull out of the driveway

9:00- Drop Asher & Aaden off at school

9:10- Take my Redcon1 Total War pre workout or Double Tap fat burner(depends what I’m training)


Supplements: 1 scoop of Breach to sip during my workout

Post workout: Eat Meal 2: 4oz lean protein, 3/4 cup rice & veggies

Supplement: Take 2 RPG capsules

11:30– Home, shower

12:00– Feed/play/tummy time with Alijah, run an errand or go into the office. Drink a Mint- Green tea. >>My 2 hour window before picking up the boys<<

2:15- Pick up the boys from school

3:00- Return home. Give the boys a snack and 30 minutes of iPad or down time

3:15- Eat Meal 3

Meal 3: is either: 1 scoop of Isotope protein powder & 1/2 cup of dry oats in water with almondsOR 4oz lean protein, 3/4 cup rice & veggie

3:45- After school activity (Jiu jitsu, swim, gymnastics, piano, speech for 2 year old, are some of the extracurricular) , practice piano (for Asher) or play outside

5:00- Dinner for the boys

5:30- Baths for the boys

6:00- Eat Meal 4 post-baths.

Meal 4: 5 oz Steak, 175g sweet potato, asparagus & mushrooms

6-7:30- TV, Relax with daddy when he gets home from work

7:40- BedtimeSometimes at 8:00 I’ll do 20 minutes of cardio on days I can’t do it after my workout

8:45- Meal 5: 1 scoop of Isotope protein OR 1 serving of plain Siggi’s greek yogurt

9:30/10:00- Baby’s last bottle, after spending the night catching up with HIM. Poor guy goes along for the ride with his big brothers running the show!

10:15- Take 3 caps of Silencer, non-tim fat burner

10:30- In bed to sleep or watch a show with the hubby


Another necessity that will happen every few days is meal prepping. Something that really needs to be done to ensure a successful diet. Every 2-3 days I will cook turkey burgers or chicken breast in bulk. I like to have fish and steaks freshly cooked when I eat them, so I’ll save those for “Meal 4”, aka dinner with the husband. Meal prepping this time around is a whole lot different than meal prepping when I was competing (back in 2011). It was all so organized back then. I knew I’d be eating everything I prepped. With three kids (well, two if you’re counting kids who eat food) and a husband (so yea, three kids), some of these meats I prep will go to them before I have a chance to finish them. Yes, the meal situation can feel somewhat chaotic at times, but if I know I have enough meat to last a few days, I feel confident I will stay on track. And you know what, when I run out I improvise and make a protein shake. It’s important to not let small things that could potentially seem like a hiccup, disrupt the flow of your progress. Even if that “hiccup” is a small cheat on your diet, get right back on and don’t dwell on it. Learn from it.  So there you have it. I obviously left out many details like attempting to get work done for Mommy’s Corner or every tantrum/argument between the hours of 7am-9am and 3pm-8pm. Or detailing all the hats I, as a mom, wear like: cab (or uber) driver, referee, cook, therapist, coach, ninja (I do have boys). You’d be reading a novel. Although the physical aspects of the day may not seem exhausting, the mental parts can drive one to, um, alcohol? Oh yea, that’s where my nightly glass of wine comes in. I may be a fitmom, but I’m still 100% MOM. 

**Side note: nightly wine has been put on hold until I lose my baby weight. If you see SOS smoke signals, send help!**