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An End Of Year Message From Our Founder Aaron Singerman

To start, I’d like to be the first to welcome you into 2021: a fresh start and a positive outlook after a 2020 year that was difficult and trying on everyone. It was hard for businesses, families, the economy, and our country. Even our basic freedoms were called into question. It was clear almost overnight, the world as we know it had changed, and many things we’ve always taken for granted had been stripped away. It left many people, myself included, unsure of our future and left with a sort of weird uncertainty I haven’t felt for years.

The last time I remember feeling this way was when the second plane hit the South Tower on September 11th, 2001. When it struck, then exploded … at that moment, the world changed. I remember watching the buildings fall and was in a state of shock and disbelief. I vividly recall these thoughts from Baton Rouge, where I was living, “Am I safe? Is my family safe?” The attacks happening over 1300 miles away shook my sense of safety and security. At that moment, the scary truth that what was once unimaginable just became a reality. Threats I never fathomed happening in my lifetime could now be right around the corner.

In 2001 I was 21 years old, and this year I turned 40. I am a very different man than I was almost 20 years ago. While I did have a similar feeling, and once again, I did worry about my family, I used this cataclysmic event as fuel.

REDCON1 is comprised of over 100 incredible individuals, and those same individuals all have a common purpose in making REDCON1 the biggest and the best supplement company in history. And we want to accomplish our goals the right way by helping people and lifting them with us along the way.

This year was no different for us in the fact that our single-minded purpose was unchanged. Yes, we had some unexpected obstacles, and no, it wasn’t without stress and major huddles. But I am happy to report, with your help, our customers, friends, family, and fans of the brand we’ve achieved some great things together this year:

Our Social Impact

– One of our most proud initiatives in 2020 was the launch of the REDCON1 Foundation. Under the direction of our Board President, the Honorable Master Sgt. Robert Wilkins and through the generosity of the REDCON1 community, together we’ve been able to make our mission a reality. “Our goal is clear; make a positive and dramatic impact on the families of our United States Military Heroes.”

– The REDCON1 Foundation launched a monthly initiative to Feed A Veteran.

– Partnering with LT Michael P. Murphy – Murph Foundation, REDCON1 Gym became the official host of the Murph Challenge 2020.

– The REDCON1 Foundation hosted the first annual 9/11 Memorial Charity Run and partner with Nine Line Apparel to raise money for Military families directly affected by the 9/11 tragedy.

–  We partnered with Military Foundations to help raise awareness and money to support their missions. Some of the most memorable foundations include the SEAL Future Foundation, the Warrior Health Foundation, the K9 Veteran Foundation, and Toys For Tots.

Kenny Omega

Company Growth & Expansion

– With our partnerships with Kai Green and Kenny Omega, we’re now able to bring our mission-based organization to the mainstream market.

– We’ve expanded our breadth and depth in product development, launching best in category products FUBAR Energy, WAR GAMES, CANTEEN, and the MRE Ready To Drink Protein Shake.

– We’ve expanded our breadth and depth in product development, launching best in category products FUBAR Energy, WAR GAMES, CANTEEN, and the MRE Ready To Drink Protein Shake.

– We’re proud to announce TOTAL War; our best-selling preworkout is now available in over 4,000 brick-and-mortar Walmart locations across the country. With an estimated 37 million people visiting a Walmart store daily worldwide, this will enable more people easier access to better quality sports nutrition products while completing their regular weekly shopping. Additionally, with REDCON1 products available at Walmart, the retailer can now better position themselves as a premium player in sports nutrition.

– We hired world-class developers, analysts, and technologists to develop proprietary tools and software to fuel the company’s growth in both Direct to Consumer and Wholesale marketplaces.

– Working closely with our strategic mass-market partners such as Walmart, Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and DICK’s Sporting Goods, we further developed product branding that appeals to channels such as FDM and Grocery.

– We established our Corporate Headquarters that has become a Global destination located in Boca Raton, Florida—featuring over 30,000 sq ft of office space, a complete state of the art photo and videography studio, and 50,000+ sq ft of warehousing space.

– To meet the business’s growing demands, we opened a second office and warehouse located in Tennesee. As of now, we’ve already expanded that team to 20+ full-time employees.

– Our invaluable Tier Operator team has expanded exponentially compared to prior years, with over 16,000 active monthly members.

– REDCON1 is currently distributed in over 80+ countries, but we’re proud to announce for the first time that we’re expanding our Direct To Consumer business to Canada, Australia, Japan, and Southeast Asia.

– As we focused heavily on growth, efficiencies, and innovation, we were delighted to be named the #3 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in South Florida by the South Florida Business Journal.

– REDCON1, just like all American businesses, had to have candid and very uncomfortable conversations about the uncertainty of the economy. As many companies were forced to close, leaving employees across the country without a paycheck, we reinvested into our most important team – our warehouse employees. Every warehouse employee was given a pay increase during the pandemic to show our clear commitment to the team that keeps the business running.

While I’d be lying if I told you 2020 was America’s finest year, I wouldn’t be lying at all in telling you it was by far the best year for REDCON1! We’ve been able to come together in a time of extreme doubt and uncertainty and not only survive, but BUILD. Our community has grown, and so has our appreciation for our customer base. You all supported us in a hard time, and you voted with your dollars. Money that was harder to come by than ever. We appreciate each and every one of you all, and we will do our very best never to let you down!

Thank you,
Aaron Singerman & The REDCON1 Team