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Dallas Journey to the Olympia – Day 6

Day 6: August 21, 2016
Daily Notes

Notes From Matt Individual feedback is a significant aspect of what Dallas and I do as a team. To relate that to todays workout we have both found no matter what type of approach we take the training shoulders we always come back to a faster paced, higher rep type workout really forcing a lot of blood into the muscle with shorter rest periods. Weight is relative but will be as heavy as possible within the goal but with that being said we simply cannot do extremely heavy training with the faced paced style of training we do for shoulders 

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dallasmccarver and mattjansen8Aug 21 Diet

Meal 1 – Pre Training Meal
2 Whole Eggs
250g – Egg Whites
90g – Cooked 95/5 Sirloin
150g – Oats raw measure
Pre Workout
Big Noise + Total War
Intra workout
30g AminoMeal 2 – Post training 
90g – Cream of Rice
73g –Isotope (Whey Protein) Meal 3 
224g – Grass Fed Sirloin steak cooked
280g – Jasmine Rice
Meal 4 
2 Whole Eggs
350g – Raw Egg Whites cooked
3 Slices food for life bread Meal 5 
224g – Chicken cooked
40g – Avocado
75g – Green beans cooked Meal 6224g – Ground Sirloin Cooked
75g – Asparagus cooked


20 mins

Training – Shoulders

***We typically do not pyramid up in weight for our working sets, we find a weight to start working sets at and then complete the sets at that weight until form starts to breakdown or we are no longer getting a peak contraction, unless listed otherwise.

Exercise 1: 2 Phases
Lateral RaisePhase 1: Acclimation set OR Add set
This is the exact opposite of a drop set so we are going light to heavy here. Pick 3 weights and aim to hit failure on your last, increase rep speed with each rep increase but still focus on peak contraction of the deltoid and not just slinging weight. Phase 2 – Drop SetIn typical drop set manner picking 3 weights and going to failure reducing weight about 10% per drop.2 Sets of each starting with two add sets then moving on to two drop sets
Exercise 2: Press Drop sets Smith Machine Vertical BH presses 
Behind the head presses on a fixed machine IE Smith machine is a personal favorite of Dallas and myself. The keep here is to really control the eccentric portion of the movement and do not allow your elbows to break below parallel.  Here we will aim to do a top set of 10-12 reps drop + another 10-12 3 sets like this 
Exercise 3: Superset
DB Upright row
DB Seated Neutral Grip Front Raise
explosive contractions with strict form on both movements, minimizing body english.
3 sets x 10-12 on eachExercise 4: Rear Delt/Trap TrisetHammer Seated Shrug Facing Away from machine
Hammer Standing Shrug facing machine
High Cable Straight bar high PullsAiming for 15 reps on each***Using the hammer shrug as its a fixed angle both ways is going to allow you to hit different parts of the of the traps.***The third movement of the Straight bar high pulls will also hit mid trap as well as rear deltExercise 5: Rest Pause set1 True DC style rest pause set in higher rep range on reverse pec deck