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Dallas Journey to the Olympia – Day 4

Day 4: August 19, 2016

Daily Notes 

Yesterdays refeed went really well overall, the food was needed and I woke up this morning up 5 lbs which for me is not all that much in terms of how quickly that weight would drop if I just went back to my normal diet today. Matt makes the final calls when it comes to my diet but we truly do work as a team in terms of our feedback and communication. Following this mornings posing and Matt looking at me through my shots he decided to do a second moderate day of loading. 

I want you guys to know that refeeds are at times tough for me, I know physically I need the food but at the same time its just the mental battle of always wanting to push yet in reality at certain times less is more in terms of prep. Reducing the work and cardio slightly while adding more food can go a long way to keeping a physique fresh during long term deficit which for me this is my second back to back diet of the year. 

Notes From Matt

As I noted yesterday that one high day often times is not enough for Dallas so today we are doing a second high day but reducing the volume of food slightly and also fully calculating all meals rather than doing a sushi meal out. 

Today we are training arms so this will be a good day for food to be stored as overall work output simply just will not be as high as it would be on say a leg day or back day. We work hard on all days but demand and energy expenditure on some days is certainly higher than others

We are also posting clips of each training day on snapchat during our time together so be sure to follow along there as well. 

dallasmccarver and mattjansen8

Aug 19 Diet

Meal 1 – Pre Training Meal
35g –Isotope (Whey Protein)
150g – Oats raw measure
4 Whole Eggs
2 Plain bagel
40g – All fruit Jam
Pre Workout
Big Noise + Total War 
Intra workout
50g of carbs from Cluster Bomb
30g Amino Meal 2 – Post training
90g – Cream of Rice
25g – Raw Honey
65g – Isotope (Whey Protein)Meal 3
168g – Grass Fed Sirloin steak cooked
350g – Jasmine Rice
50g – Guacamole or avocado
Meal 4
90g – Cream of Rice
20g – Peanut Butter
50g – Isotope (Whey Protein)Meal 5 
168g – Chicken cooked
400g – Purple Japanese Potato cookedMeal 6
150g – Oats
32g – Almond Butter
50g – Isotope (Whey Protein) 



Training – Arms 
***We typically do not pyramid up in weight for our working sets, we find a weight to start working sets at and then complete the sets at that weight until form starts to breakdown or we are no longer getting a peak contraction, unless listed otherwise. 
Exercise 1: Speed Emphasis
Rope Tricep extension Working with a weight is challenging but one that you can move assertively for each rep. Dallas and I are just alternating rest / working sets here.
5 Sets of 15-10 reps
No reps to failure
This is a great way to get a lot of blood flow going to start training and warm up your joints! Exercise 2: Heavy Emphasis
Close Grip Bench Press 
Slow and controlled eccentrics, pausing slightly above chest and keeping emphasis on your triceps in the stretched position with an explosive concentric phase.
4 Sets in the 12 – 8 Rep range.Working up to a top set of 12 and staying there for all 4 sets. If this is done correctly reps should be reduced slightly each set if you are truly taking the weight to muscular failure. Exercise 3: Giant set
Utilizing 4 different hand placements in order to stimulate both short and long head of triceps – Single Arm overhead extension
– Single Arm Reverse Grip Standing extension (one of dallas favorite movements!)
– Cambered Bar overhead extension (pausing in stretched position and insuring you are keeping elbows tucked into head throughout)
– Machine Dips
3 Rounds 12-10 reps on each!