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Dallas Journey to the Olympia – Day 30

Day 30: September 14, 2016

Notes From Matt

Busy first day in Vegas. Dallas and I while still used to east coast time got up at 5am and headed over to city athletic for a very light cardio session and posing since it was not light yet. After we made our first grocery store run to gather foods for the day. I am going to be doing a full blog on Dallas peak but for now we a literally taking things a few hours at a time so I cannot lay out a full plan as of yet. 

Today we trained arms and this as well as our morning shopping a food prep was all filmed and will be on 

Be sure to following along today on IG and Snapchat as we document the training day! 

@dallasmccarver and @mattjansen8

Today’s training 

Arms – supersets 

**SS = Superset 

3 working sets of 12-15 on each 

SS – 1
Camber bar press down
Camber bar curl SS – 2
Dip machine
Bicep preacher curl 
Quad Set – 3
Rope press down
Standing overhead rope ext ends together
Rope hammer curl
Standing cable drag curl both arms at same time SS – 4
Jay bell single arm ext
Jay bell hammer curl
2 rounds only