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Dallas Journey to the Olympia – Day 17

Notes From Matt

I’m really looking forward to going back down and finishing out prep with Dallas on Saturday. Part of us being a team is being together so I’ve missed that part of prep the past 9 days. Jordan and I will be down Saturday and it will be hands on the rest of the way!

Be sure to following along today on IG and Snapchat as we document the training day!

dallasmccarver and mattjansen8

training – Back 

8-9 liters of water 

Sea salting all meals / seasons fine 

Meal 1
3 Whole Eggs
200g – Egg Whites
90g – Cooked 95/5 Sirloin
150g – Oats raw measure
Pre Workout
Intra workout Meal 2 
120g – Cream of Rice
73g –Isotope (weight)Meal 3
224g – Grass Fed Sirloin steak cooked
280g – Jasmine Rice 
Meal 4
250g – Raw Egg Whites cooked
4 slices food for life bread Meal 5 
224g – Ground Sirloin
140g – Jasmine rice cooked
75g – Asparagus cooked Meal 6
3 whole eggs
250g whites
100g oats
Onions and pepper if you want 


30 min HARD AM

Training Back1. Close grip Lat pulldownTriple Accumulation set10 + ADD weight 10 + ADD weight 10 + ADD weight as many as possibleAiming to only hit failure on last add set. Using a total of 4 weights = 1 set2 sets2. Chest supported DB RDL 1 ArmReally focusing on pulling to waist and keeping momentum out of movement4x8-12 straight heavy setsWorking up to a max set of 12 and maintaining weight for all sets3. SupersetSeated low rowIntoSeated hammer high row4 x 10-154. Lat pulldown tri setTo chinBehind head45 degree fixed position upper back pulldown3 sets x 10 on each – 1 min rest after all 3 movements complete5. Hyper extension10 reps with 10 second hold on last rep – 10 second breakContinuing this until 100 reps are complete