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Why do we decide to stop? What makes us “end” only to sometime begin again?. My countless beginnings have always been about the gym. I can’t count how many times I’ve “started over.” What makes each time supposedly “different?” After a 22-month talk (with my 22-month toddler) I started over again. Weights were heavier than I remember. Each set was harder than the last. Why is this time any different? Why is starting over now going to be the difference between then and now? Surprise – it’s not. Starting over is starting over. But the real difference this time is that I genuinely want it. I want the body I know is there, underneath it all. I want to be healthy and happy, and keep up with my daughter. I want to avoid the diabetes I will certainly have if I stay where I am. I want this for my next baby, simply so Pregnancy 2 is far happier and healthier than Pregnancy 1. And I want it for Faviana, who watches me work – I want her to grow up knowing it’s an incredible thing to truly take care of yourself and develop a love for fitness. Motivation is what starts you and drive is what propels you further. Plain and simple, this time is the same. Starting over, like all of the times before. But the difference is…I finally WANT it.

I also knew I couldn’t do it alone. And that’s OK to admit. Find yourself a good coach.

What is a good coach/mentor to you?

To me, a good coach makes time to listen and communicate. I know I can expect a response in a reasonable time. (No waiting anxiously for weeks for a reply. A good coach is one who won’t allow you failure. It’s THEIR opinion you come to respect. As much as you want it for you, you want it for them,and if you drop the ball, you feel like you let two people down. Their excitement is your excitement. Their motivation is your motivation. Every day, I want to not only make myself proud, but also make my coach proud. I push harder knowing she is there,pushing me. And I know as bad as I want it,she may be the only other person that wants it more for me than I do….

The quote below is a long-time favorite:

“Life’s best coaches are those who believe in you and your potential, sometimes even before you do.”

Remember this when you look for someone who is going to be in charge of changing your lifestyle.

Disclaimer: There are as many good coaches as there are bad ones, so make sure you DO YOUR RESEARCH on the best fit for you. My perfect fit is Team Bombshell with Mama Bombshell, Shannon Dey, and my personal coach, Gennifer Strobo. You have to do what’s right for you, and sometimes that requires trial and error. Do not be afraid to say what you want. You pay an expert to help you so before you go and spend hard-earned money make sure you are willing to also invest your energy and time, and sweat. (Lots of sweat.) At the end of the day, YOU are still the one that must follow instructions. No one can make you get out of bed, food prep, or go to the gym. But a good coach sure can make you feel accountable! No matter how you do it – self-motivation or hiring help, DO IT FOR YOU!