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Breach Ballistic

I have thoroughly reviewed BCAAs before in my article Amino Acids: the Essentials. Remember, the phenomenal amino acids responsible for faster recovery and growth? If not, that is ok; I will give you a quick refresher. BCAAs are Branched Chain Amino Acids, and there are three to be exact. I am talking about Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. These aminos aid in protein synthesis, effectively helping the user recover and grow faster. Many fitness fanatics drink them during their workout, and some choose to sip on them throughout the entire day! Redcon1 has created a masterpiece with their BCAA product, Breach. Here is where it gets good; they took it a step further and created a totally separate product for those looking for that extra boost! I give you: Breach Ballistic.

Most of us have hectic schedules. Between work, the gym, and family, life can definitely take its toll on our energy. In this busy world we live in, it’s nice to enjoy a little extra pep-in-our-step. We have coffee and energy drinks, but coffee can get boring, and energy drinks are not exactly the best thing to put in our bodies when we account for the loads of sugar packed into one can. I previously mentioned people sipping on BCAAs throughout the day, and now they have an opportunity to reap the benefits of their anabolic concoction, and get a boost in energy! This can be achieved with Breach Ballistic. This product provides the same great aminos as its counterpart, Breach. Where they differ is in the added caffeine, theobromine, and choline bitartrate found in Breach Ballistic. I get it, you probably know what caffeine is, but did I mention there are two different forms of caffeine in this product? Yes, two. We have Caffeine Anhydrous, which is your typical, fast acting form of caffeine. This is dosed at 50mg, equivalent to about a half of a cup of coffee. The second form is Dicaffeine Malate. Also dosed at 50 mg, this version of caffeine tends to provide a “cleaner” and longer lasting boost of energy. Theobromine works similarly to caffeine. This ingredient increases energy levels and will heighten focus. Choline Bitartrate is phenomenal. While not a stimulant, this molecule will intensify your focus, which will undoubtedly help in day to day activities. It is safe say Ballistic Breach is great tool to stay anabolic and give you boost throughout the day, especially in the gym.

You may be wondering if this product is safe to take during your workout, specifically after drinking a pre-workout. The answer is two-fold. Yes you can, but use caution and asses your tolerance prior to doing so. Lessen the dose of either your pre or Breach Ballistic prior to drinking a full serving of both. There are many products out there that are already pushing the limits when it comes to the level of stimulants they contain, so it would be good practice to proceed carefully when using two products that contain such ingredients. Now, if you choose to drink a stim-free powder prior to working out, you will be absolutely fine drinking Breach Ballistic during your session. As mentioned earlier, the level of caffeine in Breach Ballistic would equate to around a cup of coffee. There is not a whole lot to worry about when it comes to being overly stimulated if you are taking just this product. Some people choose to mix both their pre and BCAAs and drink it all at once! In case you were curious, yes, this product is delicious, and comes in three excellent flavors. With choices like Blue Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi, and Watermelon, you cannot go wrong. You have now learned about a product that tastes great and has exceptional ingredients. This leads to the all important question: “What’s the price?”

Go ahead and repeat after me: “I’ve been ripped off.” There is no denying we have all made purchases with supplements that we have come to regret. Dropping hard earned cash on supplements that do not work, taste horrible, and sometimes do not even have what is listed on the ingredients label is the worst! Fortunately, you will not have this problem with Breach Ballistic. Currently being sold for $25.00, this, in my book, is a steal. And yes, you do get a FULL 30 servings. A quality product for under $1.00 per serving is hard to come by. As you can see, Breach Ballistic is worth the investment. If this product has your attention, do not forget to save some for the original Breach.

Between Breach and Breach Ballistic, one product is not better than the other. Redcon1 wanted to give their customers variety and convenience. Now, instead of having to drink a cup of joe and a separate BCAA shake, we have the opportunity to take care of business with one simple scoop of Breach Ballistic. On the other hand, some people are very sensitive to stimulants. With a stim-free product like Breach, those people still have the opportunity to enjoy the anabolic benefits of BCAAs. It would be good practice to keep both on-hand for every occasion!

Breach Ballistic is the answer for those of us who find ourselves dragging throughout the day. This is not the go-ahead for you to abandon sleep and start chugging this product. It is imperative that we get an adequate amount of rest. Unfortunately, even getting 6-8 hours of sleep can still leave us tired. This is a result of the day-to-day stress we experience. Whether it comes from school, work, at home, or even physical stress from the gym, it definitely affects us all. That is the nice thing about Breach Ballistic; it can literally benefit everyone. You do not have to be a gym rat to consume amino acids; your body will still utilize them! And of course, that extra energy and focus will help get you through your strenuous day. And fitness junkies, we all love our BCAAs due to their recovery benefits. Now, we have a delicious opportunity to enjoy our aminos and get in the zone, mentally and physically, with Breach Ballistic. Lift on my friends!