Blueberry Pudding In 2 Steps | Tiny Fruit With Huge Health Benefits

Blueberry Pudding

BLUEBERRY PUDDING & THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF BLUEBERRIES Blueberry Pudding – In this episode of RC1 Food Network, we’re showing you how to make a delectable, protein-packed protein pudding with blueberries! The best part about this pudding is how versatile it is. Don’t care for blueberries? No problem! Swap it out for your favorite fruit […]

Redcon1 | Protein Peanut Butter Cups

High Protein Peanut Butter Cups

Protein Peanut Butter Cups & Health Benefits It’s no secret that protein is important for our health, but not all protein sources are the same. Protein shakes and powders are great ways to get more into your diet, but sometimes you just want something sweet. That’s when high-protein peanut butter cups come in handy! All […]

How to Make Hot Cocoa Bombs

Protein Packed Hot Cocoa Bomb

Hot Cocoa Bombs is a recipe that’s been around for years, but it seems to be heating up lately and has recently gone viral on TikTok! We decided to take this trend to another level with a healthy-ish spin using our popular whole-food protein MRE Lite in place of cocoa powder. This specific recipe was […]

Q&A With Martyn Ford

REDCON1 Athlete Martyn Ford sits down to answer questions about his training style, family life, supplement regimen, and MMA. Check it out now. HOW DO YOU BALANCE WORK, FAMILY, AND TRAINING? I organize every aspect of my life into time slots, just like you do studying different subjects in school. I have allocated slots and […]

3 Spooktacular Protein-Packed Halloween Treats

No tricks, just treats! These three recipes are fun, easy to make, and protein-packed. Whip them up for a healthy Halloween treat, without the guilt! Graveyard Protein Mousse Ingredients 1 cup heavy whipping cream (divided 4oz, 2oz, 2oz) 2 oz 60% cocoa chocolate 3 Oreos (just the cookies, discard or eat the middle at your […]