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Aaron Singerman’s entire 13 supplement RedCon1 line-up unveiled

Yesterday RedCon1 dropped the label for its pre-workout supplement Total War. Not only did it make us a lot more excited for the product, but also interested to see what the other formulas in the brand’s line-up are like. Today we actually have more details on the rest of the RedCon1 line, which features more supplements than expected with a total of 13.


We’ll start the breakdown of RedCon1’s massive 13 product line-up by going over the items we already knew a little bit about. The four we don’t have any new information on today are the sleep formula Fade Out, the isolate protein powder ISOtope, the focus formula Mental Trigger, and the aforementioned pre-workout Total War.



The next lot of supplements we’ll go over are RedCon1’s mainstream competitors. In no specific order you have its flavored amino formula Breach, the presumably stimulant powered fat burner Double Tap, the intra-workout Cluster Bomb, and the pump pre-workout Big Noise. The only ingredients we know for any of those are that Breach will feature your typical 5g dose of BCAAs at a yet to be revealed ratio, and that Cluster Bomb is a carbohydrate based product.

Moving on to the last half of RedCon1’s list you get into its more specific supplements, which are all muscle-building based. The majority of the brand’s remaining products are DHEA derivatives, with the similarly named Somal-1, Somal-4, and Somal-Nor. As for the other two RedCon1 supplements you have the anti-estrogen formula Shield, and the post-cycle therapy solution appropriately named Aftermath.


If you head to RedCon1’s official website you can now see all of the products mentioned, with the exception of ISOtope and Big Noise. They’re not yet available and none of their labels have been added, although you can see what prices they’ll eventually have when they arrive as well as the powder products’ flavors. While we don’t have an exact date yet, RedCon1’s supplements are still expected to be officially released sometime next

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