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2 Leg Workouts to Sculpt Glutes

I’ve gone through many phases of training throughout my fitness career, but one thing has remained the same – a focus on glute and hamstring building. After years of trying all different styles, methods and weekly splits, I figured out which exercises gave me the best results and what I enjoyed doing the most.  I love adding a cardiovascular aspect and a quick pace to my leg days because I finish feeling like I’ve worked hard and am completely spent (AKA had a successful leg day).  There are also days when I prefer to lift heavier and slow the pace of the workout down.  I have designed two workouts to appeal to those styles with my favorite exercises, I hope you enjoy growing a round booty as much as I do!!

HIIT Glute Sculptor

Lift moderate weight, about sixty to seventy percent of your max and keep a quick pace throughout the weight lifting aspect of this workout with no more than 30-45 second rest between rounds.  Go HARD during the body weight exercises because those are for time! Don’t forget to smile and sweat!

Warm up:
Treadmill walk on a three percent grade incline at 3.0 mph for ten minutes
20 air squats 
20 walking lunges

Three rounds:
Cable donkey kicks x15/leg
Cable lateral raises x15/leg
Dumbbell sumo bench squats (see picture below) x15

Four rounds:
30 seconds high knees (body weight)
30 seconds butt kicks (body weight)
30 seconds lateral lunges (body weight)
30 seconds rest

Three rounds:
Smith stiff leg deadlift x15
Smith laying leg press x15
Smith donkey kicks x15/leg

Four rounds:
30 seconds treadmill sprint – 20 goblet squats (see picture below)
30 seconds treadmill sprint – 10 frog hops
30 seconds treadmill sprint – 20 kettlebell swings
30 seconds recovery


A Few Tips and Challenges:

  • When doing cable donkey kicks and lateral raises, use a cable handle attachment and hook it around your sneaker OR use Velcro ankle band attachments.
  • Drop your tushy an inch below your knee while doing the dumbbell sumo bench squats – GET LOW!
  • Challenge yourself more by adding a three or five second pause while in the squat of dumbbell sumo bench squats.  However long you hold the squat, just make sure all the momentum is taken out of the motion!
  • If a kettlebell isn’t available, substitute the kettlebell for a dumbbell on the goblet squats and do jumping split squats instead of kettlebell swings.
  • The last four rounds of HIIT in the workout can be made more difficult by including core, instead of resting do ten med ball slams and get your legs into it – put a lot of effort in!

Superset Glute Sculptor

While doing this workout, take breaks between each round of the supersets, but no more than thirty to forty-five seconds recovery between each exercise.  The first exercise of each superset is meant to be heavy lifting with graduating weight as the reps decline paired with a light weight or bodyweight exercise.  If the number of reps does not decrease, keep the weight the same throughout the superset.

Cardio on Stair mill (can be done before or after lifting): 
5 minutes warmup pace
15 minutes of 30 second sprint pace – 30 seconds rest pace

Three rounds of each superset (grouped together in order):

1. Laying leg press x15 x12 x8
Walking lunges x16/leg x16/leg x16/leg

2. Dumbbell lateral set ups (see picture below) x12/leg x10/leg x8/leg
Ankle band lateral squat walk x10/leg x10/leg x10/leg

3. Barbell back squat x12 x10 x8
Hyperextensions x20 x20 x20

4. Smith glute bridges x25 x25 x25 
Dumbbell box squats (see picture below) 15x 15x 15x

5. Machine ham curls x15 x12 x8
Good mornings x15 x15 x15


A Few Tips and Challenges:

  • Position your feet high and wide on the sled to the lying leg press, drive through your heels and bring the knees as low as you can.
  • Drive through your heel while performing walking lunges and touch your knee to the ground.
  • To make some of the supersets more difficult add weight to the walking lunges and add weight while doing hyperextensions – if need be, you can take a few reps off of the exercises you have added weight.
  • Stay LOW during the entire lateral squat walk, as you get tired you will want to stand up higher out of the squat position – BIG no-no!
  • Challenge yourself even more by adding ankle weights WITH the ankle band.
  • While doing the smith glute bridges, on the final set (to REALLY make the glutes burn) hold the upward squeeze for five seconds during each rep – I’ll be impressed if you get all twenty-five reps in!
  • The dumbbells should be light when doing box squats, I usually use fifteen or twenty-pound dumbbells, and push through your heel when standing up.
  • An interesting test of your balance, and increase in difficulty, would be standing up on one-leg for the box squat – even more difficult weighted!!
  • Be sure to drive through your heel while doing lateral step-ups and take your time! There is no rush and you should be as controlled going down as you are going up.  While stepping up make sure to pause with both feet on the step and when stepping down remove both feet off the step and on the floor.
  • The good mornings of the last superset should be light weight – like an Olympic bar or fifty pounds max.

What’s a beautifully round tushy without a tight and tiny core?!  If you have extra time and want a tighter core, give these supersets three rounds:

1. Decline bench med ball crunches x20
Decline bench med ball Russian twists x20

2. Plank hold for one-minute

Planking knee to elbow for thirty seconds

3. Pike on rower machine (see picture below) x20 
Lying leg raises x20



Cheers to round butts and tight guts!!