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Losing Weight With Redcon1 Support! Redcon1 Sponsors Alex Zulewski

The Readiness Trials are starting later this month and Redcon1 is doing something different this time. Coaching is such a critical aspect in the success of your transformation. Whether you need help with training, nutrition, cardio, supplements, or possibly the most important aspect - the mental game, we have decided to bridge that gap for one lucky participant. Redcon1's Chris "Raging Silverback" Hester and the Head of the Frontline, Dave Copel, will be coaching/mentoring Alex Zulewski over the next 8 weeks. Follow along to watch Alex's journey to changing his physique and his life and watch inside this video for actual fly-on-the wall coaching. You will want to subscribe to this video series and take notes - valuable information inside! 





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